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Posted on 12/16/13 homelife , 1 Comment

Thank you to all our faithful supporters. We have enjoyed such a wonderful year alongside you. We have seen many of our dreams become a reality and had the opportunity to celebrate HOME with so many delightful, mighty and influential women.

We have crossed paths with people we have admired from afar and been given the opportunity to walk alongside them, learning and better equipping ourselves, one step at a time.

As we come to the end of another fruitful year I am feeling a little empty…but in a good way. Empty because we have risen to every occasion given and so very thankful for my beautiful team that have been there every step of the way.

Having friends and family to share the highs and lows with is a blessing I find hard to put into words. Every time we crossed a bridge I could feel them there lifting us up in prayer and celebrating our every moment. Each time we found ourselves in a valley, they again were there lifting us up in prayer and with loving words of kindness.

This is our last blog for 2013. We are having a much-needed break with our families and looking forward to enjoying the little moments. Our children have been chatting about all we need to get done before Christmas, including -baking, table setting, finding all the board games, setting up the guest room, visiting the Christmas lights…and so the list continues and I am so EXCITED at their love for family time.

We will be back in the world of blogging on Monday 27th January 2014…Sending words and lots of pic’s of inspiration from London and Paris!

Thank you again for tuning in every Monday. For engaging in conversation, for sharing our news with enthusiasm, for telling your friends about our message of HOME and for showing your support through your purchasing of our books.

We are grateful that we get to deliver a message of hope to so many because of friends like you. THANK YOU. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Be Blessed!


Book Launch MUM


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Sitting in bed the other evening, getting excited about our guests arriving on Christmas day I started to write a list in my head (a little like that scene in ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’) about all the bits and bobs I needed to run my eyes over before Christmas day celebrations began.

Not one to normally chat about D.I.Y. projects however ‘tis the season to be jolly’ so I thought I would give some tips on how to do a quick pre-guests-arriving-update for your home. Following are some inspirational tricks that need not break the piggy bank…if there is anything left in it this time of year!

A)   Re-frame existing artwork or pictures. Such a small thing that can change the whole way you and your guests view something. Also taking a smaller B&W photo and increasing the size of the frame, by adding a thick white mount can take a photo from eclectic to contemporary.

B)   Add some new cushion covers to the current mix. Again, an inexpensive makeover that can take a space from drab to fabulously new with no sewing required. Even adding a plan or textural cushion cover can be that very punch of NOW a space needs. (Also the same can be said for updating the inserts!)

C)   Remove clutter! If you are lacking all interest in your abode, perhaps you have crossed the line of collecting into the world of CLUTTER. Head down to your local fruit store, Bunning’s or the likes and gather some boxes (Check out IKEA for their PAPPIS – Box with lid $1.99 each…These also look great stacked!) Pack away a portion of your home and over the holiday season ONLY reintroduce the items you love and really need.

D)   Update your Lampshades. Linen shades, in all shapes and sizes can be purchased from Target, Kmart, Bunning’s, IKEA and most fabric stores. Or for something a little delicious head to your favourite HOMEWARES designer store. The shades are normally what date a base with the build up of dust or discolouring from the sun. Have a look around your home and this little change-up could be all that’s needed!

E)   BLEACH. Yes, you heard it from me. Sometimes all a bathroom needs is an hour of TLC and a whole lot of bleach! Take to the grout lines, and remove that build up of mould. Scrub the toilet and wipe down ALL surfaces. Once you see your reflection in the tiles it is time to think finishing touches. Add a new hand towel. (That’s right, you don’t need to replace ALL towels, just lash out on new updated hand towels.) And last but not least add a room diffuser, be it surface mounted or plug in. Nothing says fresh better then a yummy scent!

Happy Saturday!!


Art in design


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Getting to the stage of the ‘finishing touches’ is an achievement within itself, however it is where many switch off. One area that gets the short straw, more often then not, is the bedroom. The opulent fittings and accessories are lavishly distributed throughout the common areas, however when it gets to the bedroom the buck stops short.

The bedroom is our own private world. An area that should have all the comforts and pleasures sprinkled throughout. A zone created for relaxation, restoration and inspiration.

Basic items that form the foundation to any bedroom are the bed, at the very least one bedside table, a table/floor lamp, great storage and where possible a cosy chair. The second layer – this layer is where the personal comfort begins – a rug, or two, cushions and bed accessories. Then there is the third layer – this is where you get to add your own flavour, the objects that make your heart sing – books, trinkets, side tables, artwork, leather trays or baskets to house daily wares and other object of desire.

Invest in items for your bedroom that make going to this room a delight. It is where you begin and finish each day, it should be a haven that quenches the soul and captures our personality. Don’t underestimate the joy received when you wake up to a small vase of flowers on your bedside table or coming home to a beautifully made bed.

When investing in Bed linen look through magazines and books to see the look that best resonates with your personality. The relaxed linen look is stunning, however if you like perfect edges and a crisp finish this look is not going to inspire you after the first wash. Personally I enjoy a little faux fur in the bedroom. As seen in the pictures below a bed throw can add opulence to an otherwise minimal space.

Have a fabulous week and enjoy viewing your bedroom through refreshed eyes.

Chat soon.


opulent Bedrooms

Don’t forget to come visit us over at the fb page ‘Bronnie Masefau Design Consultancy’ for all the updates on the Workshops for 2014! Start your year with a a clear vision. Also, we have been pinning!…Come check out our design crushes on the ‘Bronnie Masefau’ pinterest page!!


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Personally, I love the warm glow of a floor lamp or table lamp. It’s like highlighting the good stuff in a space – creating vignette of beauty. A table lamp is a fabulous springboard when styling a sideboard, bedside table or desk. Position the lamp and then begin the styling process, adding the books, flowers, tray of goodies and a little bling that will all be under the spotlight come evening.

Floor lamps are next in line. I currently have a 1950’s French lamp that hovers over my desk. It has a stunning frame, that inspires me with every glance and the added value of holding it’s own weight, leaving me with more desk space to fill with bundles of books! Floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes – Thin, thick or curved frames and shades in all forms, giving hints of their designer history.

A task lamp is a lamp that has an adjustable arm and small shade, perfect for reading or doing fine work, like needlepoint. These are generally the one’s found on our desks, or in a reading nook.

Things to remember when purchasing or styling with lamps: – A lamp needs to be equally impressive during the day, as when on at night, so be sure to dust regularly and if showcasing a pair insure the globes are both the same strength of light and colour. (E.g. both cool or both warm globes)

For a more streamline, gallery look allow room around the base of your floor lamp. Let the frame do the talking, positioning the armchair slightly off to the side, so the foot of the lamp is exposed.

A reading lamp should sit below eye level, illuminating the page not your head.

Enjoy your Monday dear bloggers and have a day worth remembering!


lamps and more


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workshops 2014 A


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We, as you are aware have just relocated to our new home. Our bedrooms are in the final stages of completion, with our sons Queen Bed arriving today – so my mind has shifted to the dinning area. I am so excited. Prompted by the fact our ‘family table’ doesn’t fit into this new space, it has come time to look for a new ‘family table’, however it has just hit us that we have begun a new season with our children. They are becoming ‘young adults’ and so our brief has changed. We are no longer looking for a table that will take all the thrashing of a toddler and a surface that will be hardy enough to become an arts table, games board, drawing pad or ping ball table! (Although, this may still be a requirement for the new table!!)

Yesterday the search begun and I can’t believe how excited I am. Whilst I confess I love nothing more than looking for and purchasing new goodies for the home, this is different again. I think it is this new time with our children that excites me the most. The conversation, the dreams, the vision for their tomorrows brings tears to my eyes…our babies are all grown up.

So things to keep in mind if you too are looking for a new dinning table: – Shape and size are first and foremost. Style and colour are next on the list, however to truly get the most out of a space and a set-up one must first measure the area and decide which shape best works, remembering to allow for the chairs to be seated in. (Personally I allow for a 600mm radius around the entire table for when the chairs are extended + an additional 400mm for walk through) Also, it is good to note whether your chairs are going to be with our without arms, remembering that most dinning chairs with arms will not slide completely under the table.

One shape and size have been decided upon it is time to start the search. Photograph your area, so you have a visual aid while out and about, but also before you hit the road running do a little online research so you can narrow down the design you are after.

Other things to keep in mind. What finish are you after? Marble top/ wooden base – Hard wood (if so what colour stain?) Veneer? Granite? Pine? Recycled timber?? Yes, there’s a lot that needs to be asked before the search begins. However the more decisions you can cut through before you get to your first store, the narrower and easier the task.

Stay tuned for visuals.

Have a fabulous Thursday!!


YA Dining

style diningdining in colour


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Good Wednesday morning!  Apologies for my lack of posts last week. Between relocating both business and home life, as well as completing our fabulous workshop content and being onsite with our beautiful clients the last couple of weeks have been somewhat of a blur.

However we are in our new abode and the workshops have just gone live! We are super excited here at the ‘Bronnie Masefau Design Consultancy’ as we have been working on this new roll-out of workshops ALL year and can finally let you in on the big news.

Over the past two years we have been running a ‘Designer Workshop’ that gave people the opportunity to focus on a project at home or work, for one full day. We would go through the layout, function and overall purpose of the space and finish the day by creating a mood board complete with all the relevant contacts from my little black book. All who attended enjoyed this time however have been asking for MORE!! (Thank you for your encouragement and for being our inspiration for creating these additional workshops!)

So from February 2014…and every month through to December we are rolling out a different subject every month! And for those that work full time we have also including evening sessions that run from 6.30-9pm and of course include a light supper…so you can come join us straight from work. For our interstate BM family the day sessions are slightly different from our evening sessions so you can make the most of your stay and book in to both!!…Receiving a double portion of décor savvy goodness.

Subjects include: –

FEBRUARY Discover your personal style MARCH Entering the fabulous world of design APRIL The ‘How to’ of Entertaining MAY Finishing Touches – The tricks and tips to making your house a home! JUNE From passion to profit JULY Storage – take back your home! AUGUST Beautiful blooms SEPTEMBER Spring Styling 101 OCTOBER Enjoying the journey NOVEMBER Making anywhere home DECEMBER Home for Christmas – Enjoy the holiday season!

For all details – dates, investment, Just click on ‘workshops’ at the top of either the ‘www.bronniemasefau’ website, or at the top of the blogsite page.wksp2014

Also remember if you are after a little decor direction before Christmas I will be at ‘St Kilda Library’ – 150 Carlisle Street – this Thursday 28th November, from 6.30pm and would love to chat.

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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This Christmas why not choose to give a gift that will inspire ALL year round!

We have a treat for all online book sales – purchased between now and the 20th of December. Every online purchase will come with a gift!! Just head to and order through the ‘products’ section…Then keep checking the mail for your bundle to arrive!!

Christmas is a time for giving…

books s


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One hot day in Melbourne and the memories of our family summer holidays come flooding in, of entertaining under the trees and warm evening breezes.

There are so many little change-ups we can do to bring the summer glow into the home.

The first thing I do when I feel summer approaching is rearrange our furniture to create new focal points. In the cooler months the fireplace is the focus, with seating being purposely positioned around the heat, chairs huddled together to give a cozy ambience. However in summer you need to allow room for air flow. Pulling the chairs back and creating more open spaces and freshness throughout the home is important, allowing the outdoors to become the vista.

Through these warmer months a fabulous way of bringing the outdoors in is through use of colour or texture. The springboard for me is generally the radiant colours seen in the new seasons blooms, either in my garden or at the weekend markets, which I introduce by way of soft furnishings – new cushion covers, tablecloths, napkins, or through my crockery – Indian inspired glass ware, or Mexican plates. However another way of bringing the outdoors in is by introducing textural items that remind us of summer. For example I love the feel of Sisal rugs underfoot –like walking on the sand at the beach, bamboo blinds and the placement of shells in wooden trays, positioned on coffee tables…ahh the Aussie Summer!

In the warming weather we love to entertain. Casual BBQ’s with family and friends are a favorite in our home. So to remove stress and add a little summer inspiration we set up lanterns, throughout the trees and a drink station, with glasses, water jugs and a bucket for the ice, that look fabulous and are ready to be replenished whenever the door bell rings!

What reminds you of summer?

Have a delightful week!


SUMMER times


Posted on 11/11/13 homelife , 1 Comment

Monday is here my fellow readers and it is time for us to rise and shine!

If you are in the state of Melbourne this Wednesday please come and join me for a chat about ‘putting the heart back into home’ at either ‘Caroline Springs’ or ‘Melton’ libraries. (See the left hand side of the blogsite – via the website, for all details)

Over the passed couple of years we have been in the US for Thanksgiving celebrations and so enjoyed this beautiful time. A time to reflect on the grace bestowed upon us as a family and to share our dreams for the coming year. This year we have decided to bring thanksgiving to our humble abode in Melbourne, Victoria. A day set-aside for giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the four Thursday in the month of November in the US and the second Monday of October in Canada. For me and my family we are calling the 24th of November THANKSGIVING DAY! It will not involve a roasted turkey; however there will be a long brunch at our favourite café and a mindfulness of the grace we as a family have received. Making time as a family to still the mind and focus on the good things is a powerful message and one we are excited to share together.

Why not set aside a time for you and your family, or friends to come together to celebrate the good things too. Perhaps everyone can bring to the conversation just one thing that has impacted their lives for good and one thing that they are excited about for the coming year. When we make a choice to turn on the GRATEFUL switch it is amazing to see how our thoughts take a different path.

Have a fabulous week full of new and exciting opportunities.




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We are indeed about to embark on our 10th move, since our eldest was born, March 1998 and our 13th move as a married couple!!…I would have never in a million years pictured my life looking like this, however I am learning to embrace and ENJOY the journey.

HOME, such a beautiful word, when you have loving memories to look back on and draw from. This current relocation has come about because of the desire to create a space that our children would LOVE to bring friends to. A place where we could begin new teen journeys in, with room for entertaining and a local community full of inspiration.

I met a dear friend at the tram stop the other day, who asked why we were moving. I casually rattled off the above paragraph to which he looked back at me with widely opened eyes welling with tears. I said, “Are you ok?” he proceeded to say, “do you know how foreign this all sounds.” Confused I said, “What sounds?” He said, when I was a child I only remember my mum saying, “Don’t bring anyone home!” and if I said I was going to a party at a friend’s house, she would say “ask if you can stay the night!”

I am realising more and more the importance of the message of HOME. I no longer assume that all the young ones I mentor know what this picture looks like or that they understand what a home represents. Some messages, such as this one, NEVER go out of fashion. They are the foundation on which everything else is built. What does home look like to you?

Let’s keep this message alive!

Be inspired to be the difference.


KM Armadale fun

Armadale Home 2013Home Armadale 02home life 2013 Armadale

MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL…or floor, or cupboard

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Like the addition of colour within a space, mirrors when positioned well can change the shape and focus of a room. There are the practical mirrors in our bathrooms, bedrooms or entries, that we use to check our make-up is fabulous or our outfit is polished top to toe, however a mirrored surface has so many more uses.

One of the qualities of a mirrored wall, object of framed piece can be to bounce light into a dark space. Most assume this is achieved by positioning the mirror directly opposite the window, however if you place it slightly off to the left or right it will reflect a grater amount of light into the space, as apposed to throwing the light straight back out the window.

A convex mirror – the round curved outward mirrors often seen above a fireplace – sole purpose, apart from decorative was to throw light around a room. There are so many decorative mirrors available today. There is the frame to select – be it fussy with gold gilt or heavy carving, a simple metal frame, coloured or plain and then there is the mirrored surface to select – antique, antiqued, beveled or polished edge!

Recently we were working on a small apartment block and we needed to pull every trick from the bag to make these spaces livable and lovable. They consisted of an entry, small bathroom, 3m kitchen that opened into the main living area and 2 bedrooms off to the side…yes, these were compact spaces. Through the use of colour and mirrors we were able to visually impact these spaces to add light and the feeling of height and drama. There were no mirrors in the entry, as our budget was better used on colour and a feature pendant light, however as you entered the bathroom the entire wall was covered in frameless mirror, floor to ceiling.

From here as you entered the main area we mirrored the large sliding door to the main bedroom. This created the illusion that the living area drifted off into another living room, all while bouncing more light into the compact space. Then to finish it off as you exited the main living area we positioned a mirror on the wall to the entry area, which again widened the opening before exiting through the delightfully coloured room with the beautiful pendant. Yes mirrors, when used thoughtfully can add drama, light and the feeling of space to any room.

Mirrors can be used on kickboards, to give the illusion that the vanity, or furniture piece is floating. Mirrors can be installed behind shelving, into door panels or as kitchen splash backs. Framed mirrors can be, as seen in the collage of photo’s below, rested on the floor, hung as a pair – either side of a fireplace, grouped as a gallery wall, hung above a bed or sofa.

Now, if you have completed your décor and forgotten to incorporate the humble, yet dynamic mirror – no worries, just add a mirrored vessel or coffee table/side table to again see the fabulous effects of introducing a mirrored surface to your decor mix.

Enjoy your week!


mirror mirrormirrored furnituredecor mirror


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