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Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Posted on 03/30/12 homelife , 1 Comment

Thank you to each of you who shared your thoughts on what home looked like to you. After taking all the names from both facebook comments, f/b likes and the blog…placing them in a bag and giving them a little shake, the winner of the ‘Signed’ New release is…drum roll please…Jo Andrews! Congratulation’s Jo, I hope you enjoy the read and the visual delights sprinkled throughout the book!…Don’t forget if you are out and about around the St Kilda area tomorrow, I will be at ‘Magnolia Square‘ from 10am and would love to have a chat. Have a fabulous weekend with your loved ones and enjoy celebrating the holiday season with your kids!


Pre-Launch at ‘Magnolia Square’…

Posted on 03/29/12 homelife , 1 Comment

There are only 4 more sleeps until the official launch of ‘Australian Vintage Living, making anywhere home‘!…But if you are like me and 4 sleeps just seams like forever away come join us this weekend for a pre-launch at ‘Magnolia Square‘!!…I would love to sign your book and have a chat about all your exciting home plans for 2012. LOCATION – St Kilda Town Hall, crn Carlisle Street & St Kilda Road…TIME – I’ll be there from 11am -1pm…But doors open from 10am so come and enjoy all the fabulous talent.



Embrace your own style…and win a signed copy of my new book!!

Posted on 03/27/12 homelife , 2 Comments


It can be a bold move embracing your own style. Some do it with ease, not looking to the left or the right. Others of us can take years to take that first step. I am grateful for the whole ‘eclectic’ movement within the design field because this is my true style. This is the vista that speaks the loudest to me about Home life. I enjoy the freedom within this design preference that allows me to have multiply personalities. What is your style?…Lets be bold!…Email or facebook a comment, or a pic that sums up your style. Or perhaps this is the very issue you have…you don’t know your style…send a message and all comments, pic’s and facebook likes will go in the hat to win a signed copy of my new book ‘Australian Vintage Living, making anywhere home’ due out next week! (will announce winner on Friday)

Look forward to hearing from you.


Posted on 03/19/12 homelife , 1 Comment

Guest Blog…Day 5, Thank you NYARY 604!

Posted on 03/16/12 homelife , No Comments

Day 5

A collection of a common theme is hard to beat and as you’ve probably noticed after seeing the photos of the last few days– I don’t mind a good collection! My current obsession is the humble plate and if there is nothing else purchased for the house on our travels, there will always be a plate or 2 in the suitcase. They never cost me much but I can be constantly reminded where we’ve been. And, they are so decorative en masse. I’m now running out of wall space at home, so I’ve started on the shop!

Hope you enjoyed reading my rambles this week, thanks! Jenny

Guest Blog…Day 4, with NYARY 604

Posted on 03/15/12 homelife , No Comments

Day 4

I’m an animal lover, but as I’ve gotten older and busier, I’ve found the non living type much easier to care for. They will still greet you with a joyful face when you come home but after the initial purchase, they’re virtually trouble free. My friend Clyde greets me at our front door and the Italian ceramic animals are at the top of the stairs to bid me goodnight before going to bed. We have a fantastic collection of French designer Frederique Morrel’s tapestry animal sculptures at the shop, as well as Abigail Ahern’s long awaited dog lamps. They are wonderfully humourous  and functional too!



Guest blog…Day 3…with NYARY 604!

Posted on 03/14/12 homelife , No Comments

Day 3

Colour! The legendary Kelly Wearstler once said, “living without colour is like living without love” – exactly I say… Our house and shop is a mismatch clash of colour and pattern – there are no rules, anything goes. My favourite combo at the moment is pink (and it’s gotta be fluoro), orange, red, and a bit of purple thrown in. I found these great velvet cushions at Ikea, they sit very happily on our lounge at home with the 50’s Suzani cushions and vintage kantha stitched sari throw.

For the colour shy, introducing it through textiles or glass vases is a no brainer…


Guest Blog…Day 2, with NYARY 604

Posted on 03/13/12 homelife , 1 Comment

Day 2

I’m currently existing in a woody wonderland. The shop is normally full of Peter’s furniture, but we’ve just received some faux wood pieces (in photo real fabric) we bought in France – a big log ottoman and some fantastic tree trunk stools. And behind my “desk” on a small oak table are the most incredible, whimsical, hand carved timber mushrooms. You just know there’s a fairy gathering happening at night times around there!

Peter’s also made a super rustic timber trophy wall to display all our “heads”, so really if I concentrate hard I could be at some hunting lodge in the woods of Yosemite.


Guest blog…The beautiful Jenny from NYARY 604

Posted on 03/12/12 homelife , 1 Comment

Day 1

I’m a bad sleeper, Sunday nights are probably the worst. My husband Peter’s theory is that I get myself too worked up about the week ahead. You see we own a beautiful shop together, he designs and makes all our wonderful furniture and I’m the shop chic, always thinking and planning and moving things around in my mind – nights just seem to be when it all comes together. So, ok, maybe I do get a little excitable…

Monday is flower day- I always need fresh flowers around.  And at this time of year, there’s nothing better than a big rustic bunch of fragrant ginger lilies, a perfect gardenia or a single dahlia in a bottle – nothing  too fancy.

This morning I picked the last of my hydrangeas from my garden and bought a cheap and cheerful bunch of chinnies to fill up the amazing zinc florist vases we bought in Italy. Bellisimo!


Have a blissful weekend!

Posted on 03/02/12 homelife , No Comments

It has been another fabulously full week. A productive week. A week that has me dreaming of a Friday night in and a simple Saturday, relaxing at home with my beautiful family. I have a pile of ‘New releases’ (of the design variety of course) waiting for me to delve into and a gorgeous new ‘Kathryn M. Ireland’ cushion with my name on it!…Hope you have a delightful weekend, full of inspiring conversation.

Be Blessed!


‘By design’…An evening event in Brisbane!

Posted on 03/01/12 homelife , 1 Comment


On March the 16th I will be in beautiful Brisbane. I have been invited to speak at a ladies event called ‘By Design‘. ‘WorshipCentre’ is hosting the evening and I know it is going to be a fabulous time of fun and laughter…and a sprinkling of design!…What should we expect? (I heard you ask!)…You can expect to be both visually and emotionally inspired, as I challenge you to take your home life up a notch and engage in transforming your personal space into an abode that will impact both your world, and those around you, daily!…If design has been a ‘thing for others’ in your home, come along and claim it for yourself!

Have a Thursday worth talking about.



Rooms with personality…

Posted on 02/29/12 homelife , No Comments

The most asked question at the ‘Design Workshops’ is ” what style is in this season?”…My answer never changes!…The best style this season is YOU!…You need to show up in your rooms. Have rooms that ooze with your personality, because ultimately this is the style that you wear best. In saying this I know that in order to best display your style some of us need a little dose of confidence. Someone to come along side us with words of affirmation. If this is you…and you are ready for a home lift book in for our upcoming ‘Design workshop‘…We would love to see you there!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!



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