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Posted on 04/20/13 homelife , No Comments

Good Saturday morning!…Rugby season has kicked in so we are running on our winter timetable. The boys are all excited about the selections today and my girl and I have planned a ‘Mum and bub’ morning. Breakfast, a walk in the park and ‘Avenue Bookstore’…Fun day ahead.

We have had another fabulous week here with the ‘bronniemasefau’ team. Love John C. Maxwell’s saying ‘teamwork makes the dream work’…which is so true – without so many awesome people, coming alongside me with their talents I would only be able to achieve a little. But together we are making a difference in many peoples lives, including our own.

With winter on its way, the heaters are on and I am searching for our throws. Now is the time to start your quest for finding beautiful throws to accompany your chairs. There are throws available in soft wool, cotton, cashmere, linen & faux fur, to name a few. Find something that complements your upholstered seating and adds a splash of cozy comfort!

A throw is normally only half the size of a quilt (approx. 1600mm x 1200mm) which means they are more versatile and not as heavy to work with. They offer warmth for the legs. When selecting the right one…or two, or three for your home there are a couple of tricks I use.

For a contemporary look I grade the colours. So if the Sofa is a Taupe colour and the cushions are a Taupe and cream combo, I would introduce either a woolen throw, that sits right in the middle of these two colour combo’s or a darker taupe, dark charcoal or chocolate brown. Not shifting too far from the base colour.

If you have an eclectic mix – Tan leather lounge, Navy velvet chairs and Kilim cushions throughout, select either a colour from the cushions, a taupe faux fur or perhaps a tan woolen throw. (Alpaca blankets are gorgeous for something timeless!)

I have a huge selection of throws, gathered over the 20years of keeping house. When our children had their friends over the other day I heard them talking about one of the throws, saying “ I remember as a kid taking this blanket to the drive-in”…Throws/blankets…add that instant cozy feeling to any space.

Have a blessed Saturday with your family and friends!


Winter Throws




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There is an unmistakable voice that colour has. A colour can uplift, inspire, recharge or even agitate. Yes, it’s true there are colours that, to the individual can change their mood. (Remembering giving in to this emotion is still a choice). Why is this?…Why do we respond to a painted wall or object with such definite energy.

Thoughts: – Perhaps as there is word association; there is also colour association. When viewing a colour, be it on a painted wall or object it reminds us of a memory, which in turn connects us to an emotion. Blue is my favorite colour. It reminds me of boating trips with my family, afternoons at the beach and all things delightful. Yet when I see a deep purple wall I get agitated. Perhaps when pushed it reminds me of children’s hospital wards as a child and my daycare centre…neither of which were pleasant!

As an Interior Designer one must remember not to impose your personal colour preferences onto your clients. While purple is not my favorite colour, I have clients who resonate with this colour and find great joy when immersed in it.

Enjoy your Wednesday!




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It is 6am and I am up, dressed and awaiting the arrival of our…wait for it…groceries to be delivered from Coles!…Yes, I’ve given in. I never had myself pegged for someone who would do my groceries online (well, technically the fabulous Zoe placed the order) but then again I never thought I’d homeschool or design a cafe and hair salon in Thailand, but I can officially tick each of these boxes.

Unexpected blessings. I love it when I head out looking for something and end up coming home with something so much better than I could have ever imagined. Or when you receive an unexpected gift…just, well, ’cause… as I did yesterday. A dear friend left a gift on my bag; it was a copy of ‘Coming up Roses’ by Cath Kidston & Sue Chidler…Let’s just say there has been little sleep as I have read it cover to cover, what a fabulous way to start a week! (Thank you beautiful Barb)

I am so excited about where the ‘bronniemasefau’ brand is heading. I am excited about the amazing people that are with me on this journey. Stepping out to fulfill a yearning passion within, is a humbling experience. It’s one I take seriously and hope to always live out with integrity, saying yes, for the right reasons. We have moments of great celebration and days of deep thought, but mostly a knowing that life is a short journey that is only traveled once, so it is more important to take a step…then never have walked at all.

Happy Monday musing…


BM Brand


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It is a cool morning here in Melbourne…Stunning! The large vase of pink Dahlia’s look spectacular against such a beautiful shade of grey. This is my favorite time of day. The children (our 3 + 2) are still sleeping and the many lamps we have scattered throughout our living area are showering the room with warm light. I have been meditating for half an hour and enjoyed a quiet breakfast…Thursday, today we will shine!

Every night this week we have entertained. Last night 13, Tuesday night 14, Monday night there were 11 of us. As a family we embrace the privilege of showing hospitality. But, I know this is not a passion shared by all. I was thinking this morning about what pre-prepping assists in taking any stress out of what can be a stressful situation. Below I have my top 5 tips…enjoy!

1) Choose food that you’re confident with cooking & baking. – Master a couple of dishes and enjoy the ‘ooos and aarrs’ when you serve your guests!

2) Include all the family in the setting up of the home. Children will step up, when given a responsibility and the training to fulfill them with confidence. Kayziah is fabulous at setting the table and arranging the flowers. Isaiah is great at setting the mood – music, greeting friends and family at the door and making sure everyone has a drink. Nate is awesome in the kitchen. Prepping the dishes, placing everything on the table (…to his mothers liking!) and cleaning!

3) Have a collection of bowls and dishes that complement what you enjoy cooking. This is a big one!…If you invest time in this task you will always have a beautiful setting, created with little to no fuss! (The picture below showcases just a few I have stashed in our cupboards for such events!)…P.S. and remember the serving utensils!!

4) Start the function with a clean kitchen. Prep all you need to, set as much before as you can and then focus on cleaning the kitchen and removing, as many dishes, pots and pans as possible, so once the evening starts you are fresh and ready to have fun.

5) Remember the most important element to entertaining is making sure you are present!…Not locked up in the kitchen, or too stressed to embrace the moment. Laugh lots and relax into the evening…your guests can relax when you are!



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Good Monday morning!…Our week at the ‘bronniemasefau’ design consultancy kicks off onsite at 7am this morning. With a coffee in hand I am off to the flower market, before meeting my fabulous team onsite. But before I venture into this big world let’s talk colour!

You will hear us Interior Designers go on (…and on!) about using a ‘warm’ colour palette or a ‘cool’ colour palette, let me demystify this combo for you…A warm colour palette is referring to colours with an undertone of pink, cream or yellow and a cool paint palette has undertones from the family of the greens and blues.

The best time to use colours with a cool undertone is when you are completing perhaps a project with a modern vibe. Where the warm undertones are introduced in relation to the more traditional flavored rooms.

Colour, you will have heard is an instant WOW factor…And the right colour is a double whammy! Painting a furniture piece, or splashing colour on a wall, not only adds character to a space but it also has the ability to visually widen a hallway, lift your ceiling height, lengthen your room or remove imperfections…Yes, colour is truly a fabulous investment when thought through and executed well.

Enjoy a colourful Monday!


COOL Undertones…

Eclectic design

WARM Undertones…

Warm Undertone WHITE



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There is something to be said about a room that oozes elegance, it is much like a well-tailored suit…You know it’s good…in any season!

I woke at 3am this morning and started surfing the web, looking for inspiration, searching for that style that catches you at hello. The dressing of a room, the finishing, is the key to creating an elegant space.

Once you’ve styled your room, step back and use this checklist to assess whether there are more layers required, or perhaps some editing to be done!  A) Furniture – Does the positioning of it showcase the quality of the product. E.g. are all the best edges shown? Is it easy to navigate the flow of the room?  B) Wall Art – Do the selected pieces of art enhance the space, giving it a balance of Drama and style? (Make sure your wall art is positioned at eye level, not too high.) Do your clusters of art have rhythm?…Do the dominant colours breath life into the space? C) Fabric – The right combination of colour, texture and pattern can take a room from average to elegant. For a luxurious finish add some plush velvet cushions, or a velvet-upholstered chair. (Tip: check the finish of your cushion covers, if they are passed their ‘used-by-date’ sometimes you are better to remove them, rather then make do.)

To create an elegant finish you must choose your pieces well; it is all in the selection. Not too much, but just enough to say Hello!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Elle 201304 Elle 201303 Decor 201301


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Wherever you go, take Bronnie's Ideas Book!

Wherever you go, take Bronnie’s Ideas Book!

The ‘ideas book’ was released September 2010, yet is still proving to be a great little book of inspiration!…Click on the link below (How to use the ‘ideas book’) to see how to get the best out of your investment and if you’re quick they are still available for purchase through the website!

How to use the ‘Ideas Book’…

Have a great Tuesday!



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We have had a beautiful couple of days. Yesterday our morning started with a time of reflection, giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for sending His only son to die on the cross, so we no longer need to live with sin…so grateful. Happy Easter!

It is so important that we make time to rest. I have been listening to many coaches recently talk about this very subject, one of which stated that he advises his ‘million dollar’ clients to work 6 weeks and then take one week off. His clients, of course at this point come up with a hundred reasons why this couldn’t happen, including “my cliental wouldn’t appreciate it” or “I couldn’t afford to”, but the truth is they/we can’t afford not to. After taking the week off and exploring this stunning world we live in, they return to work inspired, many saying they got their best ideas while in a relaxed state of mind.

So in my relaxed state today I am excited about new possibilities. After just having one day free from commitments I feel…awesome actually!…After a walk through the city and lunch together as a family I took myself off to see ‘Amour’ at the Como theater and came home to cook a big family meal…bliss.

Have a wonderful Easter. Remember the true reason for the season and allow yourself time to relax, reflect and restore.

Be blessed. Bronnie

Elle 02


Posted on 03/25/13 homelife , 1 Comment

Good Monday morning to one and all!…While in New York over the Christmas season I was seeking God for His vision for both my personal life, family Life and business for 2013. This is something both my husband and I have done together for many many years and have experienced great areas of growth in all aspects of our lives.  We make time to give thanks, for the faithfulness and goodness of God and we make way for His vision, to be outworked through our lives for the coming year.

While I was pondering on this thought, in my quiet time I received a word…just one…GRACE! Grace is such a beautiful thing. I love that it has such gentleness to it, yet has the power to change ones life forever. It is something, that when received can be deeply soul thrilling, yet comes with no strings.

After receiving this word, on Christmas day our handsome boy Nate presented me with a beautiful book called (wait for it…) ‘A Daybook of Grace’…With a handwritten message inside saying “Mum you help me through the year and this book will help draw you near to the heart of God”…WOW! (Yes, there were tears streaming down my face).

Ladies, we need a daily dose of grace, yet like all gifts it needs to be received. It is kind of like receiving a gift voucher, until activated it has no value. To activate grace in our lives we must know that it is given, not earned. So embrace it and accept that we are worthy, because of His love, to receive it.

“Grace is the voice that calls us to change and gives us the power to pull it off” – Max Lucado

Have a fabulous week! Bronnie



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Late last year we at the ‘bronniemasefau’ design studio had the absolute pleasure of styling a beautiful wedding for our dear friends Nicolas and Stephanie. The wedding was held at the ‘Marriott Hotel’ on the Gold coast…It was a stunning location, in a dreamy setting!

We flew in from a conference in Sydney, on the Friday morning and worked through the night to produce these colourful eclectic table settings and rustic bouquets. The bunches consisted of Ranunculus, Columbia Roses, Chysanthemums (Buttons & Polaris), Orchids & berries.

Planning for your special day…the beginning of a journey traveled together can be a stressful time. It is the coming together of two individuals…and two value systems. When it comes to the décor, be true to who you are as a couple. Set out determined to enjoy the process. Celebrate the decisions and remember on the day to STOP and literally smell the roses…or Chysanthemums…OK or whatever your flowers of choice are!!

Have a fabtabulous weekend!


Stephie & Nic S 03 N 01 S & N Flowers S & N


Posted on 03/18/13 homelife , 1 Comment

We had a full weekend with my Mum (& manager) down from Brisbane, working through some new projects and celebrating my Husbands Birthday…(Yes, we no long put in the numbers…it’s just BIRTHDAY!…LOL) But as well as these birthday celebrations we were so grateful to have a FOUR page spread in Saturdays ‘Herald Sun HOME’!…Thank you to Joanne Trzcinski and the fabulous team at ‘Herald Sun’ for their continuous support…We really appreciate it!

Well, it’s Monday morning and the week ahead has been mapped out…but there’s always room for the unexpected and the hope of more. More opportunity to inspire, to give and to be the answer to someone’s need.

I will be posting my blogs from Brisbane this week as we head up there tomorrow for an exciting week of Author talks, Ladies conference, radio interviews and mentoring. (I’ll post the dates below)

My focus this week, as we tour around Brisbane, will be on being good stewards of what we have. Have you ever raced down the shops to purchases something you desperately needed, to find out, when sorting out your cupboards you had a stash of them hiding in an odd drawer! So often we fix our eyes on something we WANT and while our thoughts are fixed on this we are unable to see what is sitting right in front of us.

When we get around good people who inspire us it releases our creativity. This is also why we love a great film. When I see an inspiring movie, based around victory, family time or beautiful cinematography I leave the cinema inspired to head back to my world and see things differently. Be creative and move forward.

Remember, ‘It’s not what you look at, It’s what you see’ that inspires change.

Much Love Bronnie

20th 6-7.30pm Bulimba Library Cnr Riding Road & Oxford Street BULIMBA

(booking essential 07 3403 8888)

21st 11am Broadbeach Library 61 Sunshine Boulevard MERMAID WATERS

21st 6.30pm Church of Christ Olsen Avenue SOUTHPORT

Herald Sun 16th March 2013



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We have had a full week at the ‘bronniemasefau’ Design Consultancy as we traveled around Melbourne taking photos for the upcoming campaigns. ‘The Coaching Institute’ and ‘Whispering Vines Cafe’ are just a few of the projects that will be featured.

As we all know assignments like these don’t just happen, it requires a lot of planning and co-ordination, great experts in their fields and a fabulous team. Thank you to all who have been on this journey. Thank you to my assistant Zoe, who is a delight and make-up artist extraordinaire! Thank you to Jim Smith (Photographer) and his assistant Louis…and my amazing clients for allowing us into your workplaces to make a mess!!

Below are a few pics’ to wet your appétit.

Have a purpose filled Thursday!


Mar 2013 PhotosMAR 2013 Photos 02MAR Photos 03


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