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So the table is set, the roast is cooking beautifully in the oven and the cushions that line the sofa have been prepped and ready to receive guests. So why does it still feel a little bare? Adding flowers always injects a fresh vibe. If it’s an evening event a couple of candles will give a beautiful glow…but wait there’s more! Music. A subtle background vibe of light jazz or a classical tune shifts the atmosphere and welcomes guests with open arms.

Nowadays a CD player seems like a thing of the past, however Foxtel offers a fabulous range, synced with the TV and fed through the built in speakers. Queuing the music need not be a tedious task.

Entertaining from the comfort of your home with a flavourful jazzy backdrop is only a button away!

Make this week your best yet!!

Entertaining 101A


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It is in times of need you most appreciate your loved ones and friends. We have been loved on over the passed week as we said good-bye to my Pop and sat with my auntie in hospital as the Doctor’s discuss their next step.

We have been celebrating my Pop as a family; gathering to chat about the ‘old days’ and singing his favorite hymns. We are so blessed to have this time together in unity.

Never more than today have I appreciated the role of a home. A place to gather. A place to rest and a place to restore. We have cried, laughed and sung within my auntie’s home, watching the generations gather in the kitchen to prepare an evening meal and share their experiences.

Love is the most valued emotion and the home is where it nests. Adjusting the cushions so my Nan is comfortable, trimming the flowers, propping my dad’s leg up on a foot rest or serving up another round of hot drinks, is all possible because somebody made time to prepare the home. These gestures seem simple and at times mundane, yet in times of weariness or grief they put a smile on the receivers face and a blanket of peace over their open wounds.

My son and I make our way home to Melbourne tomorrow and I am so excited to see our family. To hug my hubby and babies a little tighter and to add that mother’s touch to our home.

Enjoy your weekend and be purposeful about making your house a home…An injection of love will bring life to any room.





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Good Monday morning one and all!…It is a wonderfully gray day outside, which gives me great inspiration. Inspiration to dress with spunk and design with style.

It is workshop week! Topic?…Entering the fabulous world of Design. Make no mistake – thoughtful design changes the way you live and brings a balance to a full home. Purposeful design allows you and your family to do life well, creating beautiful spaces and storage solutions relative to the way YOU choose to live.

We will be chatting about the functionality of home design, offering creative ideas inspired from the passed and new thinking for a bigger and better way of doing home life.

There are still available spaces for the Tuesday evening session so head to the website and secure your space today. (Evening sessions are held within our home (Southbank, Melbourne) and offer a wonderful time of good conversation and yummy food!)

Have a delightful Monday and productive week!



Add drama, to an otherwise plain room with oversized furniture, as seen in the first photo where they have extended the height of the bookcases…or add warmth and depth to a contemporary kitchen (…or space) by adding a whimsical element, as seen in the above photo with the installation of industrial stools and fabulous greenery. Simple learning’s could take your existing home to a new, desirable level of living…You could be already living in your dream home, it could just require a little tweaking!


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Is stuff taking over your home? One of the most asked questions come question time at any one of my speaking events is “what should I do with all my parents stuff?” My first response is ‘Do you enjoy it?’ followed by ‘Is it stuff that works in your lifestyle?’ The general census is normally a resounding NO! – Which I confess to already knowing their answer, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place.

It is a reminder to me to try to not anchor our children to our ‘stuff’. I also think we have a responsibility to be accountable for all our ‘stuff’. Meaning, have regular clean outs…remember if you don’t deal with it now your children will be left the burden of dealing with it later.

The accumulation of Stuff, if not managed well, can put emotional wedges between family members and be overwhelming for loved ones as they are left to care for it, or remove it.

My first question, as mentioned is ‘Do you enjoy it?’ The reason for this is, if the item left to your care is something you genuinely love; perhaps a sideboard that sits proudly in your entry and reminds you of all your family gatherings, or a dining table that you now have the privilege of entertaining your guest around, embrace it. However if it is an item that does not fit in with your surroundings and never will, take a photo of it, and either pass it on or sell it. (Remember to have it valued if selling, so you can obtain the correct price) If we hold onto a piece of furniture, or the like, because we feel obligated to, we are then passing this decision onto the next generation to sort out. So if you don’t love it…snap it and pack it…and move it on!

My second question, ‘Is it stuff that works with your lifestyle?’ – the truth is, we each have a different reality, a different way of outworking our daily lives. If your family members are sending an heirloom to you that is not in-line with your values or lifestyle, check if your kids are interested and if not make the uncomfortable decision to pass it on to perhaps another family member that will genuinely love it. Any object not loved or enjoyed, is a burden!

Be mindful not to house stuff in external storage facilities for ‘a rainy day.’ Out of site + out of mind = out of pocket! I am ashamed to say, we have been down this path. We stored a whole houseful of stuff for two years, because it would be great for the grandkids. (One day!) The reality was, when we revisited the lovingly packet boxes and set up all the furniture items, we loved the memory of the piece more than the object. So we photographed each piece, hired a truck and sold everything, except one or two pieces, at the local markets. Now we have the finance to make more memories!

Enjoy what you have, but remember your stuff can become somebody else’s burden, so be mindful to keep it in check!

Have a fabulous day!!



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march173march 172march 171

 Any house or room remembered with pleasure has the look of being loved by those who live in it. – Billy Baldwin


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I have been reading about the importance of identifying what success looks like, however in order to truly respond to this question I believe we must have the know-how and wisdom to shut out the judgement and pressures of the world around us (Families input, friends ideas, work collegues’ ideals), even if just for a moment and become vulnerable enough to see the truth of success for ourselves.

Taking stock of my core values (the foundation of which my very life is built on) so I can find the true meaning of success for me, is a quest I am on as I head to the big 4-0 birthday this year. We began the year with dreaming of having birthday celebrations in Paris, with my family, only to arrive at mid-march to realise that whilst this sounds amazing is it what will truly bring me/us joy?

Purpose is such a powerful motive. My purpose is what leads me beyond my comfort zone and ultimately brings me joy, irrelevant of others praise or approval. When I am fulfilling what God has called me to do and be, my cup is full and beautifully flowing over to others. Purpose gives me energy, otherwise sapped with the general chaos of being a wife, mother and business owner.

Happiness is woven. We don’t arrive at a happy place just cause. We arrive at this place because we have made good decisions and followed through with action.

Therefore I have decided to get weaving. My hearts desire is to weave happiness, joy and love into our family, friends and anyone who crosses our path. This is already a fabulous 40th year that I am excited about as I replace mindset with purpose and fear with love.

Lets get weaving!!

Weave Love

Weave love and creativity into every area of your home. Incorporate all the things that bring joy to you and your family. Music is a big part of our family life so you will find guitars; drum sticks and keyboards, positioned -ready for easy playing – all over the living area. We have baskets of fruit on the bench tops, enticing friends to stay a while; good ‘cafe’ grade coffee and beautiful blooms!


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We have been enjoying a long weekend here in Melbourne. Slower starts and family movie nights has been the rhythm. The family home is filled will beautiful blooms and each nook has been slowly…and lovingly re-tweaked.

As I’ve been shuffling furniture and objects from one room to another, creating new vignette I am realising once again the beauty of the ‘+1’ items. Those items that were handed down or perhaps you purchased to fill a need…or want! Those items that don’t completely blend with the other object, however remind you of a time or place, a season – within your family…or a loved one. If you are like me, at times I have a love/dislike relationship with these items. Some days I have them sitting in the garage, determined to sell them at the next yard sale, but they never quite make it there, as a place is always found for them and before long they once again take pride of place and fill the home with their warmth.

Whether at work today, at  home tweaking or contemplating what to do…make it a fabulous day!

Mum and dads dinning tableteenbedroombliss

Other uses for ‘hand-me-down’ or random ROUND dinning tables:- Hall table, bedside table, Work desk, library table or a corner display table – featuring flowers, photo’s and other objects of desire.

REMINDER – Don’t forget to book your next workshop today! This months TOPIC is Entering the fabulous world of design - Once your eyes have been open to the colourful world of Design NOTHING is the same again. Thoughtful design changes the way you live and brings a balance to a full home. Come join us on this exciting journey and learn how to enjoy what you have as well as how to purposely add what you need!


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Good Monday morning.  This week we are back onsite, with many new projects, but one that captures my heart is a Master bedroom setting we are installing later in the week. The bedroom, I find, is one of the more difficult rooms to pull together well. It requires many little decisions around soft furnishings that should be quality driven.  A well-designed bedroom will relax and restore all the senses and prepare you for the new day.

We often use a simple base colour for our bedroom settings and enhance by shading and toning, both the walls and ceiling. The reason for this is a simple palette allows all the colours you layer the bedroom with to be activated. Whether you are styling a Tuscan dream, city haven or country retreat it is the balance of the base colour/s that locks in the overall WOW factor.

There are many options for lighting within your new bedroom. Wall sconces are great for those of us who like to keep our bedside tables uncluttered. A feature pendant is fabulous for setting a style mood and lamps, of course, are a thoughtful design choice that can add personality to a space, while being practical.

I try to always include some shiny surfaces within any space, the bedroom being no exception. Why? Because shiny surfaces allow the colours and light to bounce around a room, as well as add glamour. (Note: if you are a clean freak best to leave the shiny surfaces to the vertical surfaces – furniture legs, mirrors, frames and lamp uprights, as these wont gather as much visible dust or finger marks!)

A well-designed, and styled bedroom inspires cleanliness and dreaminess! (If even a word!!) If you feel at peace to meditate in your bedroom – sitting to replenish the soul, you have created the perfect backdrop for re-charging your mind, body and soul for the coming day.

Preparing for a good night’s sleep is a good investment of both your time and finance!


Have a delightful week!…Chat soon.

KNOWLEDGE IS KEY when creating homely interiors.

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This week we are all over Melbourne doing what we love…Putting the heart back into the home! Before you race out and purchase anything it is important that you have an understanding as to what is available, so you can make a wise investment. Come join me this Wednesday evening, 26th FEB 2014, between 6.30-7.30pm @ Emerald Library - 400B Belgrave-Gembrook Rd, Emerald – as we discuss the key elements to making your house a home embraced by all.

Knowledge is key. These days research is at your fingertips, within seconds you can type in the item you are looking for and have options to consider. Yet many of us still race out and buy the first thing we see, only to replace it weeks or month later for something better, or worse have to stare at an impulse purchase for years because we can’t justify, or afford to change it.

Therefore why not invest time into finding out what you love. I resource, myself, before commencing any project by going online and seeing what is available, as well as looking through the latest mags, or more importantly going back to my collection of books – that I have thumbed through and marked all the looks, styles and items that bring joy to my heart. By the time I actually go to purchase a new object I am clued up as to what colour, style and function it is to perform and I know we, as a family will enjoy it for years to come.

How do you narrow the search down? You step into confidence. Decision-making can be a big thing when you are making a larger purchase that has many functions to perform and a price tag to follow! But if you have done your research and understand what is available and have confidence in your personal style you can go about making that purchase with excitement.

Research is free!…Enjoy the journey.


design thread

Our Discover your personal style Workshops commence this Thursday 27th of February. There are limited seats left for the Thursday evening session – available through the workshop link – however all other day and evening sessions are SOLD OUT. Thank you MELBOURNE for your wonderful support!


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Thursday musing…

With primary and high schoolers back into study mode and most Uni students about to commence their 2014, now is a great time for a little ‘Study nook’ inspiration and insight.

The checklist for your Study area, whilst practical must also include personal touches. Some days you are bubbling with excitement about your topic of study and might be happy to pull up at any table to commence your writings, however more often than not a study session will begin out of obligation and will require some playful design to muster up inspiration and excitement for you to complete the task at hand.

Following I’ve listed 5 tips for leaning into your ‘Study nook‘!

Great lighting! Lighting can sooth, awaken and yes, put you to sleep! Make sure your lighting has a white globe and ideally a task light with a pivotal head, so you can position over your work.

For those that think their best thoughts while doodling, invest in a glossy laminate whiteboard table top so you can drawer away till your hearts content and wipe off when full!

Ventilation. Where possible position your desk near a window. Good airflow keeps your senses alert and natural sunlight beats any fabricated lighting alternative.

Artwork. From blu-tacked photos to framed works of art there is nothing holding us back from creating visually awesome workspaces! Budget is no longer a acceptable excuse when it comes to setting up your nook, so that only leaves 2 reasons why your nook is boring…Laziness or indecisiveness! Get online today and Google works of inspiration that will give you the get-up-and-go you need to begin 2014 with a study nook worthy of a scholar!

Storage – I know, you’ve heard it all before – BUT if this little piece of the puzzle gets over looked you’ll be in tangles before the week is out! This week write or photograph your work desk patterns and next week invest time and energy into finding the right solutions for combating your storage needs. If you’ve got a small work surface, you’ll need to get as much of your storage up off your desk as possible. If you have lots of subjects on the go, invest in a pigeonhole system that will allow you to ‘file-as-you-g0’. Thoughtful storage is a HUGE timesaver.

Now, go forth and create!

P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing all who have booked in to attend the Author event at ‘Logan Hyperdome Library’ tonight. Doors open at 5.30, for light refreshments, with the evening kicking off from 6pm! 

nook 6


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Making a house a home requires time. Increments of home time where you can find your rhythm, creating your family melody. This weekend I had some home time - Time to play and enjoy the beautiful melody of our family.

It is such a sweet thing when the children desire to have their friends over ALL weekend! We’ve had children lounging in every area of the home and wet beach towels occupy each hook throughout the mudroom…Bliss!

I’ve enjoyed pottering around, transforming each nook…Dusting and cleaning, adding flowers and objects as I felt inspired to.

You may be thinking – How do you complete a decorative ensemble?…Well, it begins with pinpointing an object or a colour of inspiration for the chosen nook. When grouping items use objects with an underlining theme or a colour that springs off each piece. It also makes perfect decorating sense to work with odd numbers. A grouping of three or five objects works better then a pair and for a total WOW factor work on mass. (15 water bottles through the centre of a table, holding 15 singular buds…beautiful!)

To take your collection to a new design level, consider lighting. A table lamp, floor lamp or even under cupboard LED strip lighting can transform, an otherwise dull corner into a desirable nook!

However the most perfectly imperfect design is a display that shows your personal style. Character is the best showstopper. Inject a little humour or a travel treasure that becomes the speaking point at any gathering.

Schedule a little home time and find your family rhythm this week!

trolley 14bookcase 2014hall 2014WORKSHOPS FOR 2014 COMMENCE IN 11 DAYS!…HEAD TO TO SECURE YOUR SPOT TODAY!


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An eclectic palette demands your attention. These spaces had my attention at hello! I love the vibrancy and play on colour combinations, exciting furniture shapes and wonderful glamour…I wonder who occupies these delightful nooks!

unexpected interiorunexpected colour combounexpected design 1

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