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On a recent trip to Bangkok I was sitting next to the most insightful young lady. She had been traveling around the world for the past eighteen months, with nothing more than her backpack and hula hoop.

Her abode had been either the local hostel in the area or a tent. What I found most profound is when I started with my thousand and one questions, of course most centered around home – Does she miss home? Have any of the locations felt like home?…and the list goes on, she replied with “each have felt like home”…and with that her face lit up with glee.

She was beginning on a new adventure, in Bangkok. she would stay there for however long felt right and continue on from here. When asked where she would be staying she said “people need to become less concerned with the where and just know that things always work out.”…How true…and again, profound this is.

If you were to think back on all those things you have spent your nights worrying over, or waisted your tears on, you would see that somehow they have all sorted themselves out over the years and if pushed and encouraged to look into each decision more deeply, you would probably find that when you were able to surrender a disappointment or hurt, you were than able to use this very moment to propel you into a greater future.

Australian Vintage Living- Enjoying the journey (…still available online!), is exactly about this very subject matter. It is about taking the best in each situation and using the left over matter as ‘feed back’ so that you either don’t head down this path again, or if you choose to, you do so prepared and hopefully achieve a greater outcome.

Home is where my mind is best at peace. We as a Family have been able to create a space where each of us can express who we are – and be uplifted and encouraged, in a loving way, to do the very best with each moment, gift and resource.

Enjoy your journey, laugh lots and live life with a cheerful heart. Choose to see the good and never tire of this plight. Know that home looks and feels different to each of us, because we are each made differently. Not because there’s a right or wrong look or style, but because we have been created to run our own race, not in competition with others but alongside others.

When I finished speaking to this beautiful young lady, whilst so inspired and excited about her travels and findings, it made me think about my own home. Over the duration of the flight my heart began to ache for my home, filled with my husband and children, the true essence of home life for me. I feel so blessed to be in a position where I know who I am and the impact my loved ones have on me.

Choose today to change the lenses through which you view your life. Enjoy your journey, however far or close you are to where you want to be.



ENJOY time with your loved ones this Easter…make time to put the heart back into your home!

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