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The job of an interior designer is never dull. This year alone we have been up and down the eastern seaboard of our fabulous County Australia 12 times working on projects as diverse as chalk and cheese.

One project we are excited to share with you today is ‘the entourage’. We were given the brief from the Founder & Managing Director Jack Delosa early January sprinkled with opportunity to create and push the boundaries for the commercial environment within their field of expertise.

As with any project given to the BMDC team we began with questions. What is the bigger vision? Why the urgency to redesign your space now? What looks like FUN to you and your team? What are the functions of daily business life for you and your team?

After design proposals were presented and approved it was time to talk schedule. “We would like to present the new space to our team on the 19th of February!” Was the resounding message. (…Did I mention we presented the designs on the 23rd of January)!

However with the assistance of their fabulous operations manager, the BMDC team and tradesman, used on previous projects, we all stepped up to the plate and collaborated our giftings to the task at hand.

The results are astounding! ‘The entourages’ new home oozes with personality. The roll out has captured their flavor and firmly stamped their brand everywhere you look.

Hope you enjoy the presentation…and remember on your next commercial fitout, or when transforming your house into a home – we are only a call away!


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