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Sleep is not high on my agenda as we are only days away from our trip to NY. And, even though it has been a fabulously crazy season I must say I kinda feel organised and ready to go!

As travel is a big part of our business I have had to work at getting better at it. The first couple of years I let it get the best of me, resulting in many exhausted moments (-complete with tears!) and plenty of frustration. But, after I got over myself and accepted that this was a big part of who I am and what I see as my purpose in life I decided ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join’em!…and I gotta say…I now LOVE every bit of it!

I am one of these people that like to be organised. So I thought it might be of use to others if I jot down some travel packing tips that I have gathered over the years. This checklist has really helped me to pack more thoughtfully and better enjoy the whole trip.

Tip #1 have a suitcase or luggage bag open, a week out from your travel date, where you can begin gathering and placing things that come to mind.

Tip #2 Purchase a notebook (light in weight) that can accompany you on all international trips. I have been using the same leather bound book for the past 10 years. The great thing about having a consistent journal you can note all your accommodation details in…along with shopping, eating and other information of interest, is that next time you head back to the same destination you get to add to what you’ve already experienced. (…and return to what you loved!)

Tip #3 Grab a 15min slot of time to sit and collect your thoughts on paper (- or preferably in your notebook!). This will position the important things in the front of your mind and assist with gathering all your needs.

Tip #4 photocopy all important documents. (Flight details, accommodation documents, receipts to be claimed at refund office, visa’s…etc.) And before you drop them into your open bag of choice, write all details into the above selected notebook. By doing this you very quickly see if anything has been overlooked. (Travel insurance is an easy one to miss, if you do it per trip rather than an annual cover).

Tip #5 Now that you have a basic schedule together in your mind you can start – throughout your day- putting together suitable clothing options in your thoughts. I find by doing this, come time to physically pack my cloths, I have reduced it to JUST the items I NEED. (I also suggest a separate travel outfit. This outfit only gets worn to and from my destination and is ALL about comfort with a keen eye on style…as you never know whom you might bump into! When I arrive at my destination I wash this outfit and leave out to dry well before placing it away until my trip home. This outfit is layered so it can accommodate whatever climate I am entering, as well as keep me at the correct temp while on the flight).

Tip#6 Pack additional lightweight bags. (I am a Longchamp girl, so I pack a couple of different bags to suit all occasions. An additional cabin bag for on the way home, a back pack for sight-seeing days and a general tote for shopping days)

Tip#7 I prefer to travel with small sized grooming liquids. (I am always mindful of my baggage allowance and these items are the first to be binned, on the way home, if I am over!) – Therefore these can be purchased early and dropped into the open bag ready for the travel date.

Tip#8 Accessorise well! Packing great accessories (scarves and beanies for cool climates and sunnies and the jewels for the warmer climates) will change an outfit up in minutes, reducing the amount of outfits you need to pack!

Tip#9 If staying with friends or family pre-pack thank you gifts, with beautiful written cards. This will save you a fortune and finish your holiday with a sweet aroma.

Tip#10 Get excited! Throughout the week (pre-work/holiday) I throw in the open bag any magazine clippings, travel book notes or post-it notes of instagram suggestions, that I have stumbled upon throughout the weeks leading up to my trip and on the day of travel these get positioned  into my hand luggage to flick through while on the flight.

When you travel frequently you need to work at ‘being present in the moment’. Working through the tips I have noted above means I am at home…till I’m not. My thoughts and mind are with and on my family until I leave home for the airport, yet I have a peace, knowing that if I have worked through the above tips I will be prepared for when I arrive at my destination.

SAFE TRAVELS!…And PLEASE, send through any travel tips that have worked for you over the years, we’d love to hear from you!

pack well

P.S. THANK YOU Manyung Gallery Group, Boyd Blue and Ivy & Eve for ALL your amazing work on the ‘putting the heart back into home’ collaboration! Below is a photo of the final – beautiful window display. It has been wonderful working with these talented artists and seeing all who have come through the gallery enjoy their purchases. THANK YOU!

SP and CC

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