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As our collaboration with Manyung Gallery draws to a close we have ONE more window display…and we intend to finish with style! Our final display, happening from this Saturday the 1st november will be showcasing our final artist Sharon Pearson!

Sharon Pearson’s art explores the edges of our dream world. Pearson’s work grew from a desire to bring to expression emotions that have no words. Her work is abstract, and filled with persistent themes of dark and light, passion and peace. Her work promises revelation without disclosing their truths fully. We want to peer into the work to see its hidden stories.

Born in Kent England, Pearson began experimenting with shapes and contrasts as an escape from her often analytical mind. She paints in a studio in her home, often working with three canvases in rotation, the stories emerging over several sittings until fully realised. Her work is designed to provide a safe harbour for unsaid emotions.

Sharon’s work becomes the room. The colours that emerge bring any room to life and give a somewhat subtle space a feeling of deep emotion and form. 

Artist in residence…

SP Studio 01SP studio 02

Work on display…

Sharon Pearson Artist 02

WEEK #1, 2 & 3…

MG week in review

Come join me and the fabulous team from  Manyung Gallery this Sunday 2nd November and experience the works for yourself. Teamed with a collection of beautifully manufactured furniture pieces from Boyd Blue and breathtaking floral arrangements by the talented team at ‘Ivy & Eve’ you will be inspired to put the heart back into your home!


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