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We are SOO excited about our upcoming trip to New York! (Yes, we are counting the sleeps (13!) and randomly calling each other with conversations starting with squealing!!) New York is my favourite city. It is the city of lights. I love its vibrancy, the embracing of colour and the possibilities the city presents.

We are embarking on a new adventure. I can’t reveal too much now, but let’s just say ‘it’s time’! You know that feeling you get just before you step out in faith. It’s a combination of butterflies (…bordering on elephants at this point!) and great excitement! Well we are right there! There has been little to NO sleep happening and I am filled with anticipation.

Travelling to New York is ALL part of the ‘big picture’. We are staying in Brooklyn and we are hopeful that the creative vibe, being harboured in this vibrant village, will rub off on us. BUT I’m getting ahead of myself… (Stay tuned for more dets!)

MANYUNG GALLERY – Have you had a chance to drop into Manyung Gallery as yet? (Viewing and shopping also available online!) We are enjoying taking over their shop front window and showing how art can be integrated beautifully into the family home, injecting emotion and delight.

Tomorrow marks the start of a NEW window. New colours, new flower displays (by none other than the fabulous Jess, from Ivy&Eve). New furniture from the wonderful team at BOYDBLUE and a new artist in focus for the coming week.

ALL ARE WELCOME…Come join me Saturday as we chat about abstract art over a cool drink. Bring the kids…the family pet and your questions!

Have a productive Thursday!!

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P.S. We will be blogging ALL our fabulous finds in Brooklyn so sign up to our newsletter to receive info on where to stay, shop and eat !


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