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The spotlight is on…LOLA SANTIAGO

“Working in my studio, and surrounds, what can I say, I never want to leave…it feels like home. I prefer to create my art, at night when all people are sleeping and creatures come out at night, with some nice background music, and the sounds of the night, the frogs, the critters and me”.

 “My art is inspired naively I have to say, with good feelings and stirred emotions. I am inspires by some of the world’s most loved artists, Klee, Chagall and Miró”.

 “All of my life my art has been inspired by nature, music, and organic shapes. My early work has changed so much…I feel as I have just started fresh”.

Lola’s work has movement, and a visual depth that changes when teamed with different furniture and objects. We love having Lola’s’ work on our wall at home. It makes for a fabulous talking piece…and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Lola homeLolaLola’s work is sprinkled through each of the collections, however from 25th it will all be about Lola in the front display window! Come enjoy a cool drink with me between 1-3pm on the 25th! Manyung Gallery Malvern

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