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Three years ago we began our art collection with a stunning piece by the talented Stephanie Mew. I remember I was on my morning walk down Glenferrie road, and there in the Manyung Gallery window (-they have since moved to 8 Claremont Ave Malvern) was the piece that would begin our love for the abstract artworks.

Stephanie draws inspiration from the varied and spectacular Australian landscape. Using a mixture of media she creates personal pictographs and hieroglyphs, questioning is it humans that shape the land or the landscape, that ultimately shapes us?

Stephanie has been exhibiting for over ten years around Australia, in galleries and cultural establishments. She has also worked on numerous community projects, including the Gabo Island Project through Parks Victoria and a mural project with Research Primary.

Whether you are contemplating your first purchase of art or you are an avid collector, I encourage you to come join us this Saturday 11th October as we celebrate the joy of art within the HOME environment.

Look forward to seeing you here!

Stephanie Mew lamp

Stephanie Mew

Manyung Galley Group -8 Claremont Ave, Malvern  1-3pm

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