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I find that come the warmer, longer days my energy levels slow down…some days to a grinding halt! It is common knowledge that I am a lover of gray days – cloudy skies and a cool breeze make my heart sing.

In preparation for the warmer months I like to not only invest time in doing the ‘Spring clean’ but also de-cluttering the home making evening and weekend clean-ups fuss free. Blankets are washed and put away from the elements. We relocate the beach towels for easy access on swim days and I tweak the open shelves within the kitchen area to accommodate all the items we need at arms length for family dinnertime and entertaining summer style.

Along with the obvious above mentioned housekeeping tips I also like to move the furniture around, allowing more open spaces for flow through areas. The oversized ottoman, come coffee table has been relocated off to the side so we can all sit on the large sofa and extend our legs. The scattering of occasional tables have also been repositioned to the outer areas, again increasing the general flow of the space.

Outside areas are next on the list. ALL cushions and upholstery get a brushing, followed by a wipe down and a fresh batch of outdoor candles are purchased and positioned ready for balmy summer evenings under the stars.

By making the time now, before the real heat sets in I find it allows me the time to ease into summer while enjoying my home.

Enjoy a fabulous week!

summer B and W

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