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Good Monday morning! As I sat and did my daily reading this morning, zoning out from all my commitments for a couple of minutes, I felt restored after a somewhat full weekend. I must confess to feeling a little overwhelmed as we step into spring today. The year seems to be racing along and I am feeling like I am running to keep up!

I am off to Brisbane this week. We are commencing another new project (-so grateful for faithful clients returning with their new dwellings!) speaking at libraries, doing some interviews and speaking at the ‘Elevation INC.’ SPRING event. (Check out their cool promo – Elevation Spring event)…What fills your week? I find that purpose is my energizer. When I fill my week with the busyness of life I arrive at Friday evening feeling sapped. However when I start my Monday focused on my purpose and action this a little each day I arrive at Friday – perhaps physically weary – but, mentally excited about the possibilities.

Enjoy the week ahead. Purposely weave in the good stuff and get excited about the road ahead.


MY INSPIRATION for the ‘Elevation’ spring event!

Spring promo

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