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Great artwork changes the vibe in a room. We started investing in artwork a couple of years back and I can’t express how much we enjoy each piece. It is quite remarkable how new artwork blends seamlessly with the existing creating a body of works that we truly enjoy.

Before we made that first investment it was hard to lock in what we loved. We had hoped to overtime collect artwork however felt a little uneducated to step into an independent gallery. We began our journey at the National art gallery. We walked around the gallery and took note of the artists that had a style that spoke to us, also looking for both colour and pattern. It became quite obvious that we had a soft spot for the abstract.

Driving past a couple of privately owned galleries we took down their details and started looking at artwork online from the comfort of our living room. Once we found an artist or two we liked we took the brave first step, walking into a local gallery. They were delightful, making the experience one of enjoyment.

My tips for beginning your journey: Look through magazines and books, galleries and pinterest to establish firstly the style you enjoy. Next start enquiring at your local art gallery, putting your name down to be notified for upcoming exhibitions is always a good way to stay in tune with what is available. Ask lots of questions!…We asked for full bio’s on all our preferred artists, we wanted to make sure we were bringing healthy artwork into our home. (We always ask the reason behind the title).

Now,  just ENJOY the journey!

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