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Earlier this week I started the conversation about design styles. We talked about contemporary & modern in my previous blog now let’s chat about eclectic & traditional styles.

Eclectic: – The style of eclecticism is a borrowing of a variety of styles from different sources and the art of combining them in a harmonious way. The eclectic style is one of the hardest to pull off well. Looking on, many may be mistaken to think its just a whole lot of stuff thrown together, however when you look into it deeper you will find that even though it is, as first stated a combination of different styles from many varying sources, there is indeed a thread that beautifully binds each piece to the next. This combining glue could be in an emotion in which each item was purchased, a colour palette, or a body of works. This I confess is one of my favourite styles.

Traditional: – this style celebrates simple elegance, through the use of classic shapes. Evidence of the traditional style are showcased with carved mouldings, fine woodwork, graceful lines and sumptuous sofas, normally overstuffed with a combination of feather and down. Also present in a traditional setting are window coverings, elegant fabric selections and detailed curtains with or without pelmets.

Hope these simple compressed style outlines have given you a little heads up for your next project.


eclectic mix

eclectic funTRADITIONAL

Traditional style

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