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If you have engaged the services of an Interior Designer or started talking to friends about a new renovation or build, I am sure throughout your conversations you’ve heard them make mention of styles such as Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic and Traditional to name a few…Have you been left wondering what in the world they are talking about? Following I’m going to demystify the designer lingo…Yep, keeping it plain and simple. Today’s blog will cover contemporary & modern and then please tune into my next blog for details on eclectic & traditional styles. Happy reading!

 Contemporary: – Means of the moment, present – living or existing at the same time as others. Contemporary spaces are always evolving with a collaboration of the new and old. Contemporary rooms are layered over time and whilst they might incorporate a vintage chair or traditional twist into the mix they are generally identified by their relationship to what is happening around them in the present day. Hence the phrase “Today’s contemporary is tomorrows vintage!”

 Modern: – Mid- 20th Century, roughly 1933 – 1965 – Modern refers to architecture, furniture, art and design that broke with tradition, offering a contrast to the ornate décor of earlier periods. Main colour palette is within the Neutrals range, white walls and pops of colour through art and the occasional chair. The palette was kept neutral to highlight the love of art throughout this period. Modern design is characterized by low, long furniture and natural materials like linen & leather upholstery and teak wood.



CONTEMPORARY with a traditional twist.





MODERN with elements of contemporary.todaymodern

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