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Question: – What do you do with a rug you love that no longer works with your floor plan? Answer: – Get creative and transition it into a new object of enjoyment! Yes, this was a very real dilemma for us when we moved 6 months ago. We had purchased a beautiful playful rug for a bedroom and living space the boys shared at our previous property, however now that everyone has their own rooms and the adjoining spaces couldn’t accommodate the size of this rug we had to decide what would become of this family treasure. Do we sell it? Store it? Or Transition it?

We transitioned it! Determined to hold onto this rug we lovingly selected but not one for storing things I decided we would just need to get creative and transform this rug into a new object with purpose. We had been looking around for the perfect coffee table for our new abode, without much success until one night we put two and two together and came up with a design for a multi-purpose oversized ottoman that could fulfil our brief for a new coffee table as well as have all the warmth and colour of the rug we loved…and hey presto our rug was saved from the ‘for sale’ bin!

What do you have in your cupboard that could become your new ‘object of enjoyment’?

coffee table

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