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The easiest way, and certainly the least expensive, to add a new dimension to a room is with soft furnishings. Soft furnishings (SF) can soften hard surfaces and make a room warmer. (During these cooler months adding these extra layers will also assist in removing any draught!)

Even if you’re renting you can still add that personal touch to your home through little pops of interchangeable colour and texture.

Generally, items that are cloth are soft furnishings – anything from curtains, chair covers and cushions to lamp shades, linens and throws…Even the humble tea towel can be classed as a soft furnishing element adding interest to your kitchen.

Following are some easy steps you can implement to start skipping down the path of comfort!

Shower curtains: – The plastic curtain is fabulous for keeping the water in however to add that little SF touch install a second cloth curtain (e.g. standard fabric curtain that you would install in your bedroom or living room) on the outside which will give an opulent finish as well as combat the hard surfaces with a shield of warmth.

Bedroom: – For bedrooms the good old faithful valance (Bed skirt) is on its way back! For something unique instead of heading to your local Myer or DJ’s drop into your upholsterer and have one custom made. A custom made valance (Either upholstered or loose cover) is a very contemporary look and beautifully compliments a modern/contemporary palette.

Budget tip: – If the budget is tight something small like new lampshades can also inject personality into a room. A bought or custom made lampshade will take your space to the next level of design. (Note: the shade should be slightly wider than the base and approx. two-thirds the height of the base) For a contemporary look change out your existing round shades for square, or rectangular.

Have a fabulous week!

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