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Nothing displays hospitality more than a comfy chair and LOTS of small tables. Having that little resting place for your coffee mug or side plate makes entertaining a delight.

A good measure for whether you have sufficient tables is to invite your family into the living area for a pot of tea and a slice of cake. Prepare the afternoon tea and proceed to serve them while they are cosily seated on the lounge. This is the test I do every time we rearrange our living area (…which is quite frequently!)

Do you have a coffee table to rest your tray on? Once the cake is cut and served has each person got somewhere to rest their cup of tea and cake? Is there sufficient lighting? (Floor lamps or a pair of lamps on your side or end tables) Are the tables scattered in a way that allows each person easy reach to their goodies?

Before long, it becomes very clear as to what is needed. I love doing the above test because we all entertain differently, so what works for me might be too much of distraction for you and your style of hospitality – however by completing the challenge you can tweak your living area to accommodate your needs and once again enjoy entertaining with your friends and family.

A great combination, if size permits is a coffee table in front of the sofa (this could also be substituted for an oversized ottoman with a large tray on top) a pair of end or side tables either side of the main sofa to house a pair of lamps as well as room for a cup and plate – remembering to make sure the lamp shades cover all the workings of the lamp from the seated position (Note: the lamps need not be the same, however same finished height works well) And finally – my favourite – is a scattering of occasional tables. Occasional tables are the finishing touches to a space, kinda like that final layering of throws and cushions on a sofa or blankets and pillows on a bed. Occasional tables are normally a little higher than the coffee table and a little lower than the side tables.

Tables are indeed a little thing that makes a big difference!

Happy entertaining!!

OT1occasional tablesOC2

 HELPFUL TIPS:  Coffee Tables approx. 450mmH – Occasional Tables – vary in height, creating layers to both the coffee table and side/end table – Side/End Tables approx. 650mm – 730mmH

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