RENT-THE-HOUSE…but, make it your home!

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Reading back through some notes today I stumbled upon a beautiful message I had received from a delightful lady that had attended one of my lectures and left feeling burden-less about their current rent-a-home scenario.

We love renting. This I admit has not always been my opinion. When we first went from our-own-home into a rental property it was a novelty, however the next rental was my new reality. I found it to be a burdensome thought that me, an ‘Interior Designer’ was a renter! However overtime my opinion changed…drastically.

One morning, at our Saturday family breakfast feast I had a revelation that would change the way I saw our current rental circumstance and give me back my inspiration and passion for creating our family home. I realised, as we laughed around the table and shared stories from the week that was that we had three beautiful, funny, well-balanced children and that whilst we mightn’t own our house ( or any of the previous three )…we’d always owned the HOME!

That day my heart did a little dance (…well, skipped a beat!) and the weight of this world lifted. I felt so overwhelmed and empowered by this revelation that I continued on to write a book about it called ‘Australian Vintage Living-making anywhere home’. I desired for women everywhere who were perhaps in the same, or similar position to know that our circumstances are fleeting, but wherever you live, on whatever budget you have, you can create a home that will be embraced by all.

Well, another three rentals on and we are just as happy. Loving life and enjoying the seasons with our fabulous children. Creating memories through little experiences with our babies (well, teenagers) is the most important thing for us as parents. One day we hope to be back in our own house…making it a home, however until such a time we are living up a storm and using every new space as an opportunity to better understand what styles bring us joy and look like home to us.

Embrace the now – for tomorrow holds its own adventures.



  1. Danielle Adcock

    Dear Bronnie,
    My name is Danielle. I have contemplated writing to you regarding this post and tonight I thought “just do it!”. My husband and I are renters due to reasons out of our control. It has been a source of contention (particularly for me. My husband is innately wise about such things).

    Although my career path has not yet followed the design avenue, interior design and fashion design have given me much solace and joy. I have loved all things vintage since my grandmother took me to the ballet and the props contained an old wardrobe piled with suitcases on top (before vintage was cool, I’m 36), I starred at them all night!

    To wind it up. I found your first book at the Frankston Library and was immediately drawn to it. That’s how I ended up reading your blog. I was thrilled to see you were a Christian lady too! Further more your blog about renting settled my heart in a time where my husband and I need to be united together.
    Thank you for your honest and beautiful blog.

    God Bless.

    Danielle Adcock

    Posted 6-10-2014

  2. Eileen

    Hi Bronnie,
    I read your blogs because they are so uplifting, AND you have a real gifting in communicating through design. Also, you share where you are at in life, with us – your readers, in such a humble way. I like that we don’t read about what you had for dinner but, rather, the enjoyment of the time spend over dinner.
    Thank you.

    Posted 6-11-2014

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