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Good Monday morning.  This week we are back onsite, with many new projects, but one that captures my heart is a Master bedroom setting we are installing later in the week. The bedroom, I find, is one of the more difficult rooms to pull together well. It requires many little decisions around soft furnishings that should be quality driven.  A well-designed bedroom will relax and restore all the senses and prepare you for the new day.

We often use a simple base colour for our bedroom settings and enhance by shading and toning, both the walls and ceiling. The reason for this is a simple palette allows all the colours you layer the bedroom with to be activated. Whether you are styling a Tuscan dream, city haven or country retreat it is the balance of the base colour/s that locks in the overall WOW factor.

There are many options for lighting within your new bedroom. Wall sconces are great for those of us who like to keep our bedside tables uncluttered. A feature pendant is fabulous for setting a style mood and lamps, of course, are a thoughtful design choice that can add personality to a space, while being practical.

I try to always include some shiny surfaces within any space, the bedroom being no exception. Why? Because shiny surfaces allow the colours and light to bounce around a room, as well as add glamour. (Note: if you are a clean freak best to leave the shiny surfaces to the vertical surfaces – furniture legs, mirrors, frames and lamp uprights, as these wont gather as much visible dust or finger marks!)

A well-designed, and styled bedroom inspires cleanliness and dreaminess! (If even a word!!) If you feel at peace to meditate in your bedroom – sitting to replenish the soul, you have created the perfect backdrop for re-charging your mind, body and soul for the coming day.

Preparing for a good night’s sleep is a good investment of both your time and finance!


Have a delightful week!…Chat soon.

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