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Thank you to all our faithful supporters. We have enjoyed such a wonderful year alongside you. We have seen many of our dreams become a reality and had the opportunity to celebrate HOME with so many delightful, mighty and influential women.

We have crossed paths with people we have admired from afar and been given the opportunity to walk alongside them, learning and better equipping ourselves, one step at a time.

As we come to the end of another fruitful year I am feeling a little empty…but in a good way. Empty because we have risen to every occasion given and so very thankful for my beautiful team that have been there every step of the way.

Having friends and family to share the highs and lows with is a blessing I find hard to put into words. Every time we crossed a bridge I could feel them there lifting us up in prayer and celebrating our every moment. Each time we found ourselves in a valley, they again were there lifting us up in prayer and with loving words of kindness.

This is our last blog for 2013. We are having a much-needed break with our families and looking forward to enjoying the little moments. Our children have been chatting about all we need to get done before Christmas, including -baking, table setting, finding all the board games, setting up the guest room, visiting the Christmas lights…and so the list continues and I am so EXCITED at their love for family time.

We will be back in the world of blogging on Monday 27th January 2014…Sending words and lots of pic’s of inspiration from London and Paris!

Thank you again for tuning in every Monday. For engaging in conversation, for sharing our news with enthusiasm, for telling your friends about our message of HOME and for showing your support through your purchasing of our books.

We are grateful that we get to deliver a message of hope to so many because of friends like you. THANK YOU. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Be Blessed!


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  1. Jojo

    Bronnie, Such a beautiful photograph of a beautiful blogger and her mom! It was so “Serendipitous” and special that I was able to meet in person!

    I hope you and all the family have an amazing and memorable Christmas celebration. Merry Christmas and thank you for all the joy you share throughout the year.

    Posted 12-16-2013

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