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Sitting in bed the other evening, getting excited about our guests arriving on Christmas day I started to write a list in my head (a little like that scene in ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’) about all the bits and bobs I needed to run my eyes over before Christmas day celebrations began.

Not one to normally chat about D.I.Y. projects however ‘tis the season to be jolly’ so I thought I would give some tips on how to do a quick pre-guests-arriving-update for your home. Following are some inspirational tricks that need not break the piggy bank…if there is anything left in it this time of year!

A)   Re-frame existing artwork or pictures. Such a small thing that can change the whole way you and your guests view something. Also taking a smaller B&W photo and increasing the size of the frame, by adding a thick white mount can take a photo from eclectic to contemporary.

B)   Add some new cushion covers to the current mix. Again, an inexpensive makeover that can take a space from drab to fabulously new with no sewing required. Even adding a plan or textural cushion cover can be that very punch of NOW a space needs. (Also the same can be said for updating the inserts!)

C)   Remove clutter! If you are lacking all interest in your abode, perhaps you have crossed the line of collecting into the world of CLUTTER. Head down to your local fruit store, Bunning’s or the likes and gather some boxes (Check out IKEA for their PAPPIS – Box with lid $1.99 each…These also look great stacked!) Pack away a portion of your home and over the holiday season ONLY reintroduce the items you love and really need.

D)   Update your Lampshades. Linen shades, in all shapes and sizes can be purchased from Target, Kmart, Bunning’s, IKEA and most fabric stores. Or for something a little delicious head to your favourite HOMEWARES designer store. The shades are normally what date a base with the build up of dust or discolouring from the sun. Have a look around your home and this little change-up could be all that’s needed!

E)   BLEACH. Yes, you heard it from me. Sometimes all a bathroom needs is an hour of TLC and a whole lot of bleach! Take to the grout lines, and remove that build up of mould. Scrub the toilet and wipe down ALL surfaces. Once you see your reflection in the tiles it is time to think finishing touches. Add a new hand towel. (That’s right, you don’t need to replace ALL towels, just lash out on new updated hand towels.) And last but not least add a room diffuser, be it surface mounted or plug in. Nothing says fresh better then a yummy scent!

Happy Saturday!!


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