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Getting to the stage of the ‘finishing touches’ is an achievement within itself, however it is where many switch off. One area that gets the short straw, more often then not, is the bedroom. The opulent fittings and accessories are lavishly distributed throughout the common areas, however when it gets to the bedroom the buck stops short.

The bedroom is our own private world. An area that should have all the comforts and pleasures sprinkled throughout. A zone created for relaxation, restoration and inspiration.

Basic items that form the foundation to any bedroom are the bed, at the very least one bedside table, a table/floor lamp, great storage and where possible a cosy chair. The second layer – this layer is where the personal comfort begins – a rug, or two, cushions and bed accessories. Then there is the third layer – this is where you get to add your own flavour, the objects that make your heart sing – books, trinkets, side tables, artwork, leather trays or baskets to house daily wares and other object of desire.

Invest in items for your bedroom that make going to this room a delight. It is where you begin and finish each day, it should be a haven that quenches the soul and captures our personality. Don’t underestimate the joy received when you wake up to a small vase of flowers on your bedside table or coming home to a beautifully made bed.

When investing in Bed linen look through magazines and books to see the look that best resonates with your personality. The relaxed linen look is stunning, however if you like perfect edges and a crisp finish this look is not going to inspire you after the first wash. Personally I enjoy a little faux fur in the bedroom. As seen in the pictures below a bed throw can add opulence to an otherwise minimal space.

Have a fabulous week and enjoy viewing your bedroom through refreshed eyes.

Chat soon.


opulent Bedrooms

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