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Personally, I love the warm glow of a floor lamp or table lamp. It’s like highlighting the good stuff in a space – creating vignette of beauty. A table lamp is a fabulous springboard when styling a sideboard, bedside table or desk. Position the lamp and then begin the styling process, adding the books, flowers, tray of goodies and a little bling that will all be under the spotlight come evening.

Floor lamps are next in line. I currently have a 1950’s French lamp that hovers over my desk. It has a stunning frame, that inspires me with every glance and the added value of holding it’s own weight, leaving me with more desk space to fill with bundles of books! Floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes – Thin, thick or curved frames and shades in all forms, giving hints of their designer history.

A task lamp is a lamp that has an adjustable arm and small shade, perfect for reading or doing fine work, like needlepoint. These are generally the one’s found on our desks, or in a reading nook.

Things to remember when purchasing or styling with lamps: – A lamp needs to be equally impressive during the day, as when on at night, so be sure to dust regularly and if showcasing a pair insure the globes are both the same strength of light and colour. (E.g. both cool or both warm globes)

For a more streamline, gallery look allow room around the base of your floor lamp. Let the frame do the talking, positioning the armchair slightly off to the side, so the foot of the lamp is exposed.

A reading lamp should sit below eye level, illuminating the page not your head.

Enjoy your Monday dear bloggers and have a day worth remembering!


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