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We, as you are aware have just relocated to our new home. Our bedrooms are in the final stages of completion, with our sons Queen Bed arriving today – so my mind has shifted to the dinning area. I am so excited. Prompted by the fact our ‘family table’ doesn’t fit into this new space, it has come time to look for a new ‘family table’, however it has just hit us that we have begun a new season with our children. They are becoming ‘young adults’ and so our brief has changed. We are no longer looking for a table that will take all the thrashing of a toddler and a surface that will be hardy enough to become an arts table, games board, drawing pad or ping ball table! (Although, this may still be a requirement for the new table!!)

Yesterday the search begun and I can’t believe how excited I am. Whilst I confess I love nothing more than looking for and purchasing new goodies for the home, this is different again. I think it is this new time with our children that excites me the most. The conversation, the dreams, the vision for their tomorrows brings tears to my eyes…our babies are all grown up.

So things to keep in mind if you too are looking for a new dinning table: – Shape and size are first and foremost. Style and colour are next on the list, however to truly get the most out of a space and a set-up one must first measure the area and decide which shape best works, remembering to allow for the chairs to be seated in. (Personally I allow for a 600mm radius around the entire table for when the chairs are extended + an additional 400mm for walk through) Also, it is good to note whether your chairs are going to be with our without arms, remembering that most dinning chairs with arms will not slide completely under the table.

One shape and size have been decided upon it is time to start the search. Photograph your area, so you have a visual aid while out and about, but also before you hit the road running do a little online research so you can narrow down the design you are after.

Other things to keep in mind. What finish are you after? Marble top/ wooden base – Hard wood (if so what colour stain?) Veneer? Granite? Pine? Recycled timber?? Yes, there’s a lot that needs to be asked before the search begins. However the more decisions you can cut through before you get to your first store, the narrower and easier the task.

Stay tuned for visuals.

Have a fabulous Thursday!!


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