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One hot day in Melbourne and the memories of our family summer holidays come flooding in, of entertaining under the trees and warm evening breezes.

There are so many little change-ups we can do to bring the summer glow into the home.

The first thing I do when I feel summer approaching is rearrange our furniture to create new focal points. In the cooler months the fireplace is the focus, with seating being purposely positioned around the heat, chairs huddled together to give a cozy ambience. However in summer you need to allow room for air flow. Pulling the chairs back and creating more open spaces and freshness throughout the home is important, allowing the outdoors to become the vista.

Through these warmer months a fabulous way of bringing the outdoors in is through use of colour or texture. The springboard for me is generally the radiant colours seen in the new seasons blooms, either in my garden or at the weekend markets, which I introduce by way of soft furnishings – new cushion covers, tablecloths, napkins, or through my crockery – Indian inspired glass ware, or Mexican plates. However another way of bringing the outdoors in is by introducing textural items that remind us of summer. For example I love the feel of Sisal rugs underfoot –like walking on the sand at the beach, bamboo blinds and the placement of shells in wooden trays, positioned on coffee tables…ahh the Aussie Summer!

In the warming weather we love to entertain. Casual BBQ’s with family and friends are a favorite in our home. So to remove stress and add a little summer inspiration we set up lanterns, throughout the trees and a drink station, with glasses, water jugs and a bucket for the ice, that look fabulous and are ready to be replenished whenever the door bell rings!

What reminds you of summer?

Have a delightful week!


SUMMER times

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