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Monday is here my fellow readers and it is time for us to rise and shine!

If you are in the state of Melbourne this Wednesday please come and join me for a chat about ‘putting the heart back into home’ at either ‘Caroline Springs’ or ‘Melton’ libraries. (See the left hand side of the blogsite – via the website, for all details)

Over the passed couple of years we have been in the US for Thanksgiving celebrations and so enjoyed this beautiful time. A time to reflect on the grace bestowed upon us as a family and to share our dreams for the coming year. This year we have decided to bring thanksgiving to our humble abode in Melbourne, Victoria. A day set-aside for giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the four Thursday in the month of November in the US and the second Monday of October in Canada. For me and my family we are calling the 24th of November THANKSGIVING DAY! It will not involve a roasted turkey; however there will be a long brunch at our favourite café and a mindfulness of the grace we as a family have received. Making time as a family to still the mind and focus on the good things is a powerful message and one we are excited to share together.

Why not set aside a time for you and your family, or friends to come together to celebrate the good things too. Perhaps everyone can bring to the conversation just one thing that has impacted their lives for good and one thing that they are excited about for the coming year. When we make a choice to turn on the GRATEFUL switch it is amazing to see how our thoughts take a different path.

Have a fabulous week full of new and exciting opportunities.



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  1. Shanice

    Such a great idea Bronnie! I’m super thankful for your beautiful heart and blogposts! Love love love! x

    Posted 11-12-2013

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