MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL…or floor, or cupboard

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Like the addition of colour within a space, mirrors when positioned well can change the shape and focus of a room. There are the practical mirrors in our bathrooms, bedrooms or entries, that we use to check our make-up is fabulous or our outfit is polished top to toe, however a mirrored surface has so many more uses.

One of the qualities of a mirrored wall, object of framed piece can be to bounce light into a dark space. Most assume this is achieved by positioning the mirror directly opposite the window, however if you place it slightly off to the left or right it will reflect a grater amount of light into the space, as apposed to throwing the light straight back out the window.

A convex mirror – the round curved outward mirrors often seen above a fireplace – sole purpose, apart from decorative was to throw light around a room. There are so many decorative mirrors available today. There is the frame to select – be it fussy with gold gilt or heavy carving, a simple metal frame, coloured or plain and then there is the mirrored surface to select – antique, antiqued, beveled or polished edge!

Recently we were working on a small apartment block and we needed to pull every trick from the bag to make these spaces livable and lovable. They consisted of an entry, small bathroom, 3m kitchen that opened into the main living area and 2 bedrooms off to the side…yes, these were compact spaces. Through the use of colour and mirrors we were able to visually impact these spaces to add light and the feeling of height and drama. There were no mirrors in the entry, as our budget was better used on colour and a feature pendant light, however as you entered the bathroom the entire wall was covered in frameless mirror, floor to ceiling.

From here as you entered the main area we mirrored the large sliding door to the main bedroom. This created the illusion that the living area drifted off into another living room, all while bouncing more light into the compact space. Then to finish it off as you exited the main living area we positioned a mirror on the wall to the entry area, which again widened the opening before exiting through the delightfully coloured room with the beautiful pendant. Yes mirrors, when used thoughtfully can add drama, light and the feeling of space to any room.

Mirrors can be used on kickboards, to give the illusion that the vanity, or furniture piece is floating. Mirrors can be installed behind shelving, into door panels or as kitchen splash backs. Framed mirrors can be, as seen in the collage of photo’s below, rested on the floor, hung as a pair – either side of a fireplace, grouped as a gallery wall, hung above a bed or sofa.

Now, if you have completed your décor and forgotten to incorporate the humble, yet dynamic mirror – no worries, just add a mirrored vessel or coffee table/side table to again see the fabulous effects of introducing a mirrored surface to your decor mix.

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