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Hello there my dear blogger friends! It has been a fabulously fun week at the ‘Bronnie Masefau design consultancy‘ with preparations in full swing for the up-coming NEXUS ‘Designing Women Conference 2013‘ in Brisbane. We have been sourcing Indian inspired bedding and having a bed head and funky light made…Teen’s you do not want to miss this inspirational evening!!

We have also been working on some wonderful new family homes and the big talk at the moment is all around MUDROOMS…Followed by the question “to have? Or not to have?” For me I say HAVE! The purpose of a mudroom is to become the link between the indoors and the outdoors – The space you enter into, before you enter the main home.

The mudroom is the room you offload into and remove all items that don’t need to be dragged through the home. The coats in winter, (Think how much more room you’ll have in your wardrobe!) the sports shoes (no more smelly bedrooms!), the school bags and most importantly everything has it’s own spot. So essentially it’s not a dumping ground, it’s a well thought through space that allows a place for all things, so everything can be in its place!

Now, if you’re reading this feeling a little guttered that you’ve just renovated or built and didn’t include a Mudroom it’s OK you can create a Mud-cupboard. (Yes, this is a word I have just made up!) A Mud-cupboard is the next best thing! You can position a wardrobe (in whatever style suits your decor) in your hallway, on your front deck or perhaps in the garage that can serve the same purpose.

A Mudroom truly is a great space for the family that’s on the go…And for us mum’s that are always looking for ways to maximise storage and minimise mess!

Have a Friday worth remembering!


P.S. For everyone who is attending this weeks events YES you can purchase all our delightful books at each event! We also have some awesome packages, ONLY available at the events. (…and yes, we have eftpos facilities!) Oh, and is now a good time to mention that CHRISTMAS is only 10 weeks away!!…Just sayin!


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  1. Kathie Seager

    Do you have any good ideas for sorting/storing/keeping all those recipes that you cut out of magazines and papers?

    Posted 10-28-2013

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