Fashionable Homewares for Autumn 2012…

Posted on 04/26/12 in homelife, No Comments

Wearable fashion plays a big part in shaping the way we see homewares. In many cases you will see clothing fabrics reflected in upholstery fabrics, however this season, Fall 2012 we will start to see wearable fashion fabrics inspired by homeware styles.

Leather, heavy knits and even kilim’s, materials usually used for homeware applications, are now influencing fashion designs in a big way and are being showcased, front and centre of many runways around the world.

As I headed out the door, at a ridiculous hour this morning, I take a glance down at myself…once finally me and all the luggage are safely in the cab…to realise how true it is that “when you find peace within yourself you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others”…Part of being at peace is when you find your style and embrace it, regardless of latest fads. Once you have your own vintage down-pat you will find both your home and your fashion choices will work in harmony.

Enjoy finding what your style is. Be driven by what is you…not latest trends and remember it’s ok for your fashion choices to be reflected within your home…and vice-versa.

Be Blessed…Bronnie


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