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Isn’t it funny how we all have a different experience when watching movies. Sometimes this can be because of our mood or even because of whom we share the movie experience with. I must say, I am not the best person to recommend a movie for your next girl’s night out. Why? Because I have come to realise (after friends have rung to confirm “exactly why were you raving about this movie”?) I get caught up in the backdrops!… I have been known to recommend a movie solely for the settings!…When I think of a movie title I instantly remember the visual content…and then some time later the story catches up! One film I remember having a huge impact (back in the day) was ‘When a man loves a women’, staring Meg Ryan & Andy Garcia. The storyline?…I am sure was good, however the kitchen setting was fabulously fun!…I remember around this time I hadn’t seen much bold colour within film settings and then out of the blue this film shows up with a mixture of boldly coloured chairs around a large table…Well, that was me, looking for the paint brushes and choosing colour pots!

What movies have inspired a decor change in your home?…Or is it just me??

Have a delightful Friday!


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