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Working from a studio at home is a choice I made last year. We invested a lot of funds in setting up a studio away from the home, yet a year on I was still taking everything home, at any chance to work in amongst the busyness of our home life. Some argue that they find it hard to draw a line between home life and work life and therefore choice to have a separate environment to head to each morning…leaving their work at work. However I find it a privilege to be able to build a successful business from…well, the kitchen table!…OK so there are some perks. I hold meetings most days at fabulous cafes and travel both nationally and international a couple of times a month!

Working from home requires discipline. You have to understand that during ‘working hours’ you have to be diligent with your time. Sure pop in a load of washing while you make a cup of tea (or in my case expresso) But after this it is back to work!…Otherwise the house may be clean, however you are never available when your little treasures arrive home from school, as you have to make up time.

Design: When setting up a’ home based business’ be purposeful. Ideally create a space that doesn’t have to be packed up each day. If you are working on the kitchen table to get started, make sure you have a designated storage area, with portable paper trays. My workspace forms part of our lounge area, so beautiful storage and fun lamp shades and accessories are a must!

If you are working from home and need a little design advise, send a comment and I would love to help bring a little joy back into your workspace!


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