Book # 3 officially launched!!

Posted on 04/04/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

Today is the day!…The venue is being set right now at the gorgeous ‘NYARY 604‘…The catering is being prepared and the books are being delivered!!…This is the day when all the hard work gets put out there for you to enjoy…and what an exciting time it is! This is book #3 ! ‘Australian Vintage Living, making anywhere home’. Above are just a couple pic’s you will find in the pages of this fab new book. When you are out and about, if the book is not at your local store please let me know and we will arrange for them to be sent. Thank you for your support as we go about ‘putting the heart back into the home‘!!

Have an amazing day!


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  1. Jascinta Donaldson

    Oh wow Bronnie! Such a beautiful looking book! So excited to get my hands on a copy, have a great night!

    Jas x

    Posted 4-4-2012

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