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Seating is such a big topic for discussion when creating a new space. Chairs have a personality so you need to combine the right mates so the connection is great!…For example, a big oversized loose covered smoochy sofa sends the message of relaxation, long conversations and friendliness. Whereas a leather chesterfield, without cushions sends an […]

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Firstly a big thank you and WELCOME to all our new blogger friends, thanks for joining the chats. I have been off radar the last seven days as we holidayed on the P&O with our extended family. Ahh, I love family time. Exploring the islands during the day and dining with the family at night sums […]

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As a designer I find the hardest room to do…and do well, is the Bedroom. Unless in a Studio apartment scenario, where it is treated as part of the limited space and therefore designed with as much emphases as the other open areas, it is a room that gets closed off to guests and often […]

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Monday is here!…Opportunity for a fresh start! This morning we have been chatting with the lovely Jennifer Ross, editor for the BCS (Body Corporate Services) ‘Community Lifestyle’ magazine, as we are giving advice for their upcoming spring issue. The topic: – Small space living… Having relocated nine time’s, within the last 20 years, we have […]

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Great style can’t be bought!…Style speaks about the manner in which you do something. Style is evident in someone or something when you see elegance or refinement…Money only magnifies your core value. So, if your foundation is one of Style you radiate elegance, if you have not upheld such values…the journey can lead to a […]

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