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MOTHER’S DAY…14 more sleeps!

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That’s right…in fourteen more sleeps we will celebrate those special mentors in our lives that take up the role as mothers. To some that may be a grandma or an Auntie or like me, my Mum. My mother is my greatest cheerleader! So now for the plug…If you’re wondering what to buy this amazing women […]

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One of the most fabulous things about escaping your normal routine is the reconnection to your surroundings. I have found, when I am working through a full schedule I can miss opportunities to stop and take in the beauty that others have created for our viewing. While on our short stay in Sydney my creative […]

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I’m writing to you from sunny Sydney. We arrived this morning, for a two-day pre-holiday, before we head off to Apia, Samoa for a week! We are looking forward to some family time before we kick off the media campaign for the new book in JULY….How exciting!! Making time to ‘sharpen the axe’ plays a […]

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‘Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much’ – Erich Fromm Good Monday Morning! What a fabulous way to start the week…Focussed on giving. Giving of our gifts, hospitality and strengths. It is official, we have a new book being released JULY 2013!…’Inspired through creative design’. It is the third in […]

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Good Saturday morning!…Rugby season has kicked in so we are running on our winter timetable. The boys are all excited about the selections today and my girl and I have planned a ‘Mum and bub’ morning. Breakfast, a walk in the park and ‘Avenue Bookstore’…Fun day ahead. We have had another fabulous week here with […]

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There is an unmistakable voice that colour has. A colour can uplift, inspire, recharge or even agitate. Yes, it’s true there are colours that, to the individual can change their mood. (Remembering giving in to this emotion is still a choice). Why is this?…Why do we respond to a painted wall or object with such […]

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It is 6am and I am up, dressed and awaiting the arrival of our…wait for it…groceries to be delivered from Coles!…Yes, I’ve given in. I never had myself pegged for someone who would do my groceries online (well, technically the fabulous Zoe placed the order) but then again I never thought I’d homeschool or design […]

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It is a cool morning here in Melbourne…Stunning! The large vase of pink Dahlia’s look spectacular against such a beautiful shade of grey. This is my favorite time of day. The children (our 3 + 2) are still sleeping and the many lamps we have scattered throughout our living area are showering the room with […]

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Good Monday morning!…Our week at the ‘bronniemasefau’ design consultancy kicks off onsite at 7am this morning. With a coffee in hand I am off to the flower market, before meeting my fabulous team onsite. But before I venture into this big world let’s talk colour! You will hear us Interior Designers go on (…and on!) […]

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There is something to be said about a room that oozes elegance, it is much like a well-tailored suit…You know it’s good…in any season! I woke at 3am this morning and started surfing the web, looking for inspiration, searching for that style that catches you at hello. The dressing of a room, the finishing, is […]

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  The ‘ideas book’ was released September 2010, yet is still proving to be a great little book of inspiration!…Click on the link below (How to use the ‘ideas book’) to see how to get the best out of your investment and if you’re quick they are still available for purchase through the website! How […]

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