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Personality within a space is key when creating a fabulous interior that has a voice. This is why a room furnished sparingly, with the right combination of objects, can have as much wow factor as an eclectic mix of splendor! Design is NOT about money, so therefore style cannot be bought. Style is not subject […]

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Good morning my blogger family!…Things are changing in the world of design. As I invest a portion of my time mentoring many young, up and coming designer’s (…what a privilege!) I find myself thinking back on the limited resources we had when I was beginning out on my path of design, all those years ago. […]

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Inspiration comes from all around us. It is right in front of us!…Yet when your mind is wondering, cluttered with the busyness of the daily grind it can seem like everything is a shade of grey.I have moments, days even when I can’t see past my current realities and it drains the colour out of […]

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I confess to not being a blogger-holic. I read some of my favorites and perhaps every now and then, while at my ‘Virgin Lounge office’ I might indulge in a little blog surfing. Why blog?…For the most part, I write to hopefully inspire, offer another voice on a topic, or perhaps just some beautiful pictures. […]

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“The younger generation is ready for antiques. Just not the way their parents used them.” Gerald Bland I love this quote I read in Heather Clawson’s book Creativity at Work. It nails it. The next generation has their own take on how antiques should be used and I am lovin in. I believe the designers […]

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It is Monday morn and as I sit at my desk, waiting on the Lord for direction for my day, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have a purpose. My purpose takes me to high places. It allows me to rise above my circumstances and operate in Neutral ground. Why?…Because a purpose […]

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MakIng the bathroom a clutter free zone can be a task and a half, after all what do you do with all those quarter filled, left over bottles!…One word REFILLS!…Yes, after years of pondering this question and working through solutions, I believe I have found the answer to this age old problem. Large pump tops, […]

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