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I have a thing for lamps…There I’ve said it. Preferably reconditioned French 1950’s style, but really, just beautifully proportioned lamps – of all types and sizes!   They can change a room up, from nice to gorgeous and play a practical role too.  We currently have, wait for it…7 in our open lounge!…Don’t judge me, […]

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DESTINY Cafe & Restaurant…

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BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER Destiny Café & restaurant is up and running, thanks to all who gave of their time, resources and finance…It is beautiful to see what can happen when we step into our purpose and put our giftings into action! I am in Chiang Rai, visiting the fabulous café and installing the finishing […]

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It’s always such a blessing to be invited to talk at an event centered on the HOME. ‘Make anywhere home’ & ‘putting the heart back into home’ are the messages closest to my heart. If you have goals set out for 2013 that involve transforming your house into a home that can be embraced by […]

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A warm welcome begins at the front door!…The vision of entering into an open area with a round table, displaying personal wares or a bunch of blooming flowers to me suggests warmth. However how do you capture this same amount of energy and warmth when your entry is long and narrow?…Or perhaps directly onto another […]

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This project, we recently finished in Melbourne was such a treat. Our client’s brief was for a home office that had all the functionalities of his ‘away from home’ office, yet blended well with the landscape of the current home interior. If possible he would like an area for others to come in and chat, […]

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There is something peaceful, yet energizing about the month of January. Each January I find myself knee deep in relocating furniture, fabric samples and a scattering of magazine clippings, excited about what the coming months may hold. The clean up (…and out!) of items and thoughtful repositioning of furniture and accessories is almost a faith […]

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Happy New Year! With the beginning of a new year comes the opportunity to reflect on what was, give thanks for all received and focus on the possibilities that lay ahead. We have had a wonderful time away as a family. We created moments that will bring a smile to our faces forever. Blessed, is […]

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