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Good design gets better with age…

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I have a thing for Tables. Wooden, glass, stainless steel, laminated, marble, yep love them all! A good table is one of those pieces you can take with you through family life. We have a beautiful table that Hubby and I designed and had crafted 13 years ago. I had drawn the design, while we […]

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Holly Hipwell @ NYARY 604…

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Flower bombing…What fun!…The thought of ladies young and old…er, coming together to chat and craft is a fabulous idea. Well, that is just what took place last weekend at NYARY in Prahran. Holly Hipwell and her talented floristry hands hung out with the team from Nyary and lots of guests to laugh and craft these […]

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The key to filling a space with colour!

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With the Paris design show commencing in 12 days…all thoughts are on our up coming London and Paris trip. The September Wedding, we are styling is getting very close and props are still being sourced, however we are hopeful to pick up some of the finishing pieces in London, before heading to Paris to refuel […]

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Finding inspiration…

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Great design can be found in the simplest of content and catch you unawares. Today while having an afternoon stroll through Noumea we stumbled upon these painted galvanised stools. They were in a dress shop, that I might add stocked some beautiful French outfits and accessories. I tried on a gorgeous pair of shoes (which […]

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We are on our family cruise. The summer outfits are out and I have booked my ‘Spa’ appointments! There is something so special and sweet about being away with the one’s you love. It reminds me of home life. Family dinners with yummy food and laughter filling the space…bliss! Some days, like today I feel […]

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Family Holiday!

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The day has finally arrived!…Our journey begins today as we head to Brisbane to meet with our beautiful family, before heading to Vanuatu tomorrow. Bags are…well, almost packed!…And a quick trip to the newsagent this morning will ensure I have every Australian and International ‘Elle’ mag ready for inspirational reading. Travelling as a family is […]

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It’s time for Artwork to take centre stage!

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It’s 9am and I am poised, with expectation of a great week ahead! I have had my daily catch up of readings (Proverbs 17:22 & The Newspaper [catching up on the Herald Sun ‘Weekend’ & ‘Home’]) and I feel ready to take on the day…p.s. Thank you ‘herald Sun home’ for the shout out, on […]

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A Peaceful Home a Great Blessing.

Posted on 08/12/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

‘How often we hear persons speak of the home of their childhood! Their minds seem to delight in dwelling upon the recollections of joyous days spent beneath the parental roof, when their young and happy hearts were as light and free as the birds who made the woods resound with the melody of their cheerful […]

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It is a typical Winters day in Melbourne and what I love is as I drop my little girl off to school every cafe is full to the brim!…The weather might be a little off, but we are all still up for a catch up with friends to start our Wednesday mornings on a great […]

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My ‘Pear Cake’ recipe…Enjoy!

Posted on 08/06/12 in homelife, 2 Comments

About 10 years ago we were living in a gorgeous home in Samford Valley, Queensland. I was home with the children when Hubby called to say…”we have friends heading over now for dessert”…We’ve all had those calls that send the house into a spin!  It was a typical Saturday (catch up day!) with washing everywhere, […]

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Thank you for your support!

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Well, we have been having a little trouble with our blogsite dropping out, over the past 3 weeks, only to receive an email from our (very excited) website support team confirming that the reason for this was because our website/blogsite had been visited by over 92,000 people in July…sending our site into a frenzy!!…Thank you […]

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Spaces and Places with personality.

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Personality makes your home sing!…The above three gorgeous spaces overflow with personality. Each shows individuality and represents their owners flavor for design. What is it that makes each space work?…I believe each space is centered on truth. When you design and decorate your home based on your true self it can’t help but feel lively […]

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