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Mondayitius?…Change your landscape!

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My Mondays start at 5.45am with a training session and than breakfast with the family, before being in my office at 7.30am. As I enter my office I am greeted by a blooming array of flowers, which I purchase from the Camberwell Markets every Sunday. What an awesome way to start a week!…Flowers speak a […]

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Eye-candy for a weekend of bliss!

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We started the week in cool Melbourne and our Friday is drawing to an end, here in Sunny Queensland! Thank you to 101fm for your interview this morning and to Brisbane for another fantastic couple of days of fun. We have had many opportunities to chat about the AVL series of books and secured even […]

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Interiors with spunk!…

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I think it’s clear where my thoughts have been, in the collage of eclectic pic’s posted above. We are working on projects all over the world!…A refurbishment of a family’s holiday apartment in Greece, collecting goodies and creating napery for a beautiful wedding we are styling in Brisbane…and than there is the fabulous commercial project we […]

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An eclectic office space…

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We, over here at the ‘bronniemasefau’ design consultancy are working on some fabulously fun office concepts…and I’ve gotta say, eclectic is the new ‘it’ way of doing business. A vibrant blend of all we love about a ‘home office’ meeting the professional and savvy world of ‘corporate’ is the mix that is topping the charts […]

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To style or not to style?…

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Our family life: This morning we woke with purpose. Our home was full of children chatting, the smell of coffee roasting and the ‘ding’ of the toast popping. I cherish this 15min’s of family time we have together in the morning, before we all head in different directions to conquer our daily missions. There has […]

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It’s time for an update!

Posted on 07/18/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

Well, the time has come to take my humble little blog to the next level. Above is a screensaver of our beautiful blogsite banner, which has served us well. But it’s not just the blogsite thats had a facelift, no no we’ve also done a ‘nip and tuck’ on the ‘Design Portfolio’ section!…it’s the ‘bronniemasefau’ […]

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Simple styling, for big impact!

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Styling plays such an important roll in the look and feel of a space. The right sprinkling of colour and objects has the ability to set the atmosphere for a room, an office or your home. When I stumbled upon this above image the colour combination captured my attention. I found peace in the way […]

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Furniture for keeps…

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I am so ready for a new piece of furniture!…I am on the hunt for a bedside table, more bookcases and a cupboard for the bathroom. When searching for the right piece, you need to think of so much more than just the need. You should consider the sizing that will best suit the location, […]

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Choosing a fabric that will be enjoyed today…and tomorrow!

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When it comes to selecting fabrics for either a home project or a client, I must confess to being a little conservative when it comes to larger upholstered items…This still leaves plenty of scope, but more importantly it means two years down the path, I am still enjoying the piece! Where the fun happens is […]

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Discover your style!…Interior Design Workshop JULY 2012

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Being able to pin-point your own style…narrowing down all the opportunities available to what really captures the essence of who you are and what you love, would make a huge difference to your next home project, right?…Well I agree!…Which is why our next ‘Interior Design’ workshop is focusing on just this!…You will leave with your […]

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Lets talk house. I am sitting at my desk, which faces the TV area and I tell you what, we have come a long way from the huge overbearing TV shells that once were…and thankfully there are some fabulous solutions available. At our Samford Valley home we had a designated ‘TV room’…Beautiful. It was a […]

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‘Living Now’ Mag…OUT NOW!

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Well, what a fabulous week for the ‘Australian Vintage Living’ series of books. Living Now magazine has just published their July Mag and we are on page 8 & 9…Awesome!…Thank you to Elizabeth Jewell and the team at ‘Living Now’ for this fabulous opportunity to share the message of HOME with all its readers. Putting […]

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