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Confidence…The latest trend!

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  Having confidence, in your own style and vision is such a powerful thing. It means you can get on with doing and being what you are called to do and enjoy the process. What I most love about knowing and accepting who I am, is I can enjoy others journey’s. Because I know my […]

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…what’s life, without a little colour!

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Books…visual delight!

Posted on 06/25/12 in homelife, 2 Comments

  Whether you invest in books for knowledge, visual reference or relaxation, you’ll soon see that one book becomes two…and than hundreds in no time!…I purchased my first official ‘design book’ when I was 18 and haven’t stopped. I have a collection of approximately 2000 books, purchased from all around the globe. Some are now […]

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Creating warmth inside your home…

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A character filled interior, is what is keeping me warm on this chilly Saturday afternoon. Our central heating is not coping with the weather, so we are all watching movies from the warmth of our beds, with layers of blankets and as many hot water bottles I could muster! This dilemma has got me thinking […]

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The bedroom.

Posted on 06/21/12 in homelife, 2 Comments

Today let’s talk bedrooms. When I think of my bedroom I am thinking of it as a complete package with my home. Not just a comfy bed, but also a place I go to for peaceful thoughts and beautiful memories. A place that inspires my daily dressing and a space I share with my husband. […]

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Indulge eMagazine…OUT NOW!

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Thank you, Thank you and a HUGE Thank you to the team at Indulge eMagazine!…A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute privilege of being interviewed by the beautiful, Charissa Steffens, Editor in Chief for ‘Indulge eMagazine’. This month saw the fruits of our labor come to pass, and we here at the ‘bronniemasefau’ […]

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FREE online weekly newsletter!

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Yes, it has only taken us a year, but we are so excited to finally announce our FREE online newsletter!…All you have to do is sign into the ‘Subscribe to our mail list’ (on the left hand side, under fb), by simply entering your email address and we will send you a blogger, weekly update […]

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Small interiors that ‘pack a punch’…

Posted on 06/13/12 in homelife, No Comments

  Yesterday’s work involved a trip to IKEA. There is something about IKEA that drawers you in…The accessibility, the simplicity…the price!…However yesterday I had my trusted assistant with me and she is of the age where moving out of home is an exciting adventure. Being able to finally showcase your own style, taking the few […]

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A day of rest…

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  The absolute luxury of being able to start the day slowly is a rare opportunity. Coffee and magazines in the bed, the sound of the kids stirring and the thought of a day without scheduled appointments is pure bliss! We are taking a family day. Movies, perhaps a walk down High street for a […]

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A little ray of sunshine!

Posted on 06/07/12 in homelife, No Comments

Whilst I Love (Yes, with a capital ‘L’) Winter, I am very aware that many of my fellow blogger friends are going into hibernation…So I thought I would bring a little ray of sunshine, into your cyber world with this beautiful pic from the ‘Tricia Guild’ collection. A fabulous Designer who can add warmth to […]

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Red & yellow & pink & green…

Posted on 06/04/12 in homelife, No Comments

Yesterday was indeed a day of colour!…The colours that you see above are among the many selected to cover walls, adorn ceilings, feature in graffiti and jump out from illuminated paneling!…All colours are from the newly released ‘dulux world of colour’ range. Colour is personal…Not business…just personal!…I know as designers we study the colour wheel […]

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I am fearfully and wonderfully made…

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I woke this morning feeling a little less than average…BUT I claim that ‘I praise you (God) because I am fearfully and wonderfully made’ Psalm 139:14!…Sometimes, like today, my body is weak and my mind is…blank…but I need to decide that today WILL be an awesome day!…And today IS! I have some very exciting projects […]

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