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“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”

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Having Joy in your life is so important. The outworking of joy might be that little smile you give to the fellow walker heading toward you, or perhaps a kind word to a friend in need. When you have joy inside its like a fountain that flows deep and wide. Next time you are out for […]

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Having the confidence to step out in your OWN style…

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    Can I just start by saying “I really enjoy my work”…I can think of nothing more powerful then playing a role (even if only small…) in assisting my clients to “step out in their own style”! When we are confidant in who we are, we have more confidence to take bigger steps. One […]

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Calling Australia HOME…

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I am trying to stay focused!…However my mind keeps wandering off to the memories of Paris and our up-and-coming trip. In September Mum and I will be heading back to Paris for the ‘Maison&Objet’ Fair. We normally attend the January show, as we prefer traveling in the cooler months, but this year September worked better […]

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Divine appointments…

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  Thank you soo much to Doone, from ‘Appletree Grove Gift Shop’ for stocking the ‘bronniemasefau‘ series of books!…Doone owns this fabulous gift store in Springwood, Brisbane. Next time you are out and about in this area be sure to stop in and see all the trinkets and treasures on offer. We are having an […]

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Things on my mind…

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I’ve had a full week, with the ‘Designex’ in Sydney and projects with pressing deadlines, however in the midst of this I have had the opportunity to soak up all the inspiration that comes with the design culture…and I’m lovin it!…Posted above are some images that bring a smile to my face. A little Random, […]

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Happiness is a choice…

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Happiness is a choice…a choice worth making!…I have been studying up on happiness and what I have come to know is it is an art form. It is not prejudice to the poor or the wealthy; it does not know colour or creed. Happiness is a decision we each get to make…often many times a […]

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The colour and inspiration of Thailand.

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  Yesterday I returned home from a 6 day buying, sourcing and designing trip in Chiang Rai. What an amazing experience. The task: To design a Hair Salon and sizable Cafe for the fabulous ‘Destiny Rescue‘ Team. This project is not just about designing an aesthetically pleasing environment for all patrons. Nor is it just […]

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Destiny Rescue…becoming the answer!

Posted on 05/03/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

  Hello from Chiang Rai, Thailand. I arrived in Bangkok yesterday, where I stayed overnight before making a short trip this morning into Chiang Rai. I was greeted by an awesomely fabulous couple, Tony and Jenny Kirwan, the founders of ‘Destiny Rescue’. We have an exciting week before us, as we begin the plans for […]

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