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Koskela…the place to be!

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  Sydney turned on the weather for us today!…We took to the streets, at a somewhat decent hour, and walked the pavement in search of the design culture that Sydney-siders declare. Let me tell you there was no disappointment!… Lately there have been many articles published about all the fabulous collaborations coming out of ‘Koskela‘…and […]

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Fashionable Homewares for Autumn 2012…

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Wearable fashion plays a big part in shaping the way we see homewares. In many cases you will see clothing fabrics reflected in upholstery fabrics, however this season, Fall 2012 we will start to see wearable fashion fabrics inspired by homeware styles. Leather, heavy knits and even kilim’s, materials usually used for homeware applications, are […]

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Sydney…Empowering creative women!

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  This time tomorrow I will be making my way to ‘Empower Church’ for the Empower Her ladies event, of which I know is going to be a fabulously delightful evening!…What could be better then generations of woman coming together to have fun. Celebrating lives lived with purpose and taking time to realign one’s thoughts, […]

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If it’s not broke…don’t fix it!

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  Where would we be without the good old string and pegs (or now days, wire and clips)…Most of us adults would have experienced seeing our special artwork strung up somewhere in either the classroom or home. I love the way most generations have this same memory…I love the way that the more simpler the […]

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Table talk…

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Isn’t it funny how we all have a different experience when watching movies. Sometimes this can be because of our mood or even because of whom we share the movie experience with. I must say, I am not the best person to recommend a movie for your next girl’s night out. Why? Because I have […]

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A night to remember…

Posted on 04/18/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

  What a fabulous night we all had at the ‘Egg Bistro’ in East Brisbane celebrating the launch of my new book ‘Australian Vintage Living, making anywhere home’…I am still, two days later, running on a high!…It was such a blessing to see so many wonderful people take time out of their busy schedules to […]

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Beautiful Brisbane…

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The plane has landed in Brisbane and we are ready for what is going to be an awesome book launch!…Five years ago we launced the first ‘Australian Vintage Living’ book and thanks to all our fabulous supporters it became a BEST SELLER!…Tonight you will find us at ‘Egg Bistro‘ in East Brisbane, where the owner […]

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Laughter is the key…

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Laughter is such a powerful emotion!…It breaks down walls and lightens the mood. We enjoy being adventurous as a family and try to not take ourselves too seriously. Have you ever been in a restaurant and suddenly the person on the next table starts to laugh?…you know that belly laugh that brings a smile to […]

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Workspaces @ home…

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Working from a studio at home is a choice I made last year. We invested a lot of funds in setting up a studio away from the home, yet a year on I was still taking everything home, at any chance to work in amongst the busyness of our home life. Some argue that they […]

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The purchasing of Art…

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Good Morning!…Hope you all had a fabulous Easter break. We have had a wonderful time as a family…The rooms have been filled with chatter, laughter and the smells of home cooking! Today we are having a piece of art delivered. We decided this was the year for us to invest in some artwork, however it […]

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Melbourne Book Launch…

Posted on 04/05/12 in homelife, 2 Comments

  WOW what an awesome evening!…Made awesome because of all the delightful people who gave up there evening to check out my new book!…The atmosphere was beautiful, the food fabulous and a big thank you to our gorgeous children, Isaiah, Nate and Kayziah who dazzled everyone with their serving skills and humour!…An evening like this […]

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Book # 3 officially launched!!

Posted on 04/04/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

Today is the day!…The venue is being set right now at the gorgeous ‘NYARY 604‘…The catering is being prepared and the books are being delivered!!…This is the day when all the hard work gets put out there for you to enjoy…and what an exciting time it is! This is book #3 ! ‘Australian Vintage Living, […]

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