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Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Posted on 03/30/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

Thank you to each of you who shared your thoughts on what home looked like to you. After taking all the names from both facebook comments, f/b likes and the blog…placing them in a bag and giving them a little shake, the winner of the ‘Signed’ New release is…drum roll please…Jo Andrews! Congratulation’s Jo, I […]

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Pre-Launch at ‘Magnolia Square’…

Posted on 03/29/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

There are only 4 more sleeps until the official launch of ‘Australian Vintage Living, making anywhere home‘!…But if you are like me and 4 sleeps just seams like forever away come join us this weekend for a pre-launch at ‘Magnolia Square‘!!…I would love to sign your book and have a chat about all your exciting […]

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Embrace your own style…and win a signed copy of my new book!!

Posted on 03/27/12 in homelife, 2 Comments

  It can be a bold move embracing your own style. Some do it with ease, not looking to the left or the right. Others of us can take years to take that first step. I am grateful for the whole ‘eclectic’ movement within the design field because this is my true style. This is […]

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Guest Blog…Day 5, Thank you NYARY 604!

Posted on 03/16/12 in homelife, No Comments

Day 5 A collection of a common theme is hard to beat and as you’ve probably noticed after seeing the photos of the last few days– I don’t mind a good collection! My current obsession is the humble plate and if there is nothing else purchased for the house on our travels, there will always […]

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Guest Blog…Day 4, with NYARY 604

Posted on 03/15/12 in homelife, No Comments

Day 4 I’m an animal lover, but as I’ve gotten older and busier, I’ve found the non living type much easier to care for. They will still greet you with a joyful face when you come home but after the initial purchase, they’re virtually trouble free. My friend Clyde greets me at our front door […]

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Guest blog…Day 3…with NYARY 604!

Posted on 03/14/12 in homelife, No Comments

Day 3 Colour! The legendary Kelly Wearstler once said, “living without colour is like living without love” – exactly I say… Our house and shop is a mismatch clash of colour and pattern – there are no rules, anything goes. My favourite combo at the moment is pink (and it’s gotta be fluoro), orange, red, […]

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Guest Blog…Day 2, with NYARY 604

Posted on 03/13/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

Day 2 I’m currently existing in a woody wonderland. The shop is normally full of Peter’s furniture, but we’ve just received some faux wood pieces (in photo real fabric) we bought in France – a big log ottoman and some fantastic tree trunk stools. And behind my “desk” on a small oak table are the […]

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Guest blog…The beautiful Jenny from NYARY 604

Posted on 03/12/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

Day 1 I’m a bad sleeper, Sunday nights are probably the worst. My husband Peter’s theory is that I get myself too worked up about the week ahead. You see we own a beautiful shop together, he designs and makes all our wonderful furniture and I’m the shop chic, always thinking and planning and moving […]

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Have a blissful weekend!

Posted on 03/02/12 in homelife, No Comments

It has been another fabulously full week. A productive week. A week that has me dreaming of a Friday night in and a simple Saturday, relaxing at home with my beautiful family. I have a pile of ‘New releases’ (of the design variety of course) waiting for me to delve into and a gorgeous new […]

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‘By design’…An evening event in Brisbane!

Posted on 03/01/12 in homelife, 1 Comment

  On March the 16th I will be in beautiful Brisbane. I have been invited to speak at a ladies event called ‘By Design‘. ‘WorshipCentre’ is hosting the evening and I know it is going to be a fabulous time of fun and laughter…and a sprinkling of design!…What should we expect? (I heard you ask!)…You […]

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