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A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams… Be Blessed! Bronnie

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Storage at its best!

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With the relocation looming I am compiling a list of ‘needs’ for our next home. Right up there with laundry room, Office and 2nd toilet… is a fabulous wardrobe. Something similar to the one pictured above will do!…In fact I am happy to go without a dining area in order to get it!…hehe, I would […]

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Empowering the next generation.

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Investing time in our children, training them in all areas of life,  is something hubby and I are passionate about. Our children enjoy making their school lunches, are totally capable of navigating their way around the kitchen and find it relaxing to spend a Sunday afternoon baking!…Beyond food we encourage our children to explore different […]

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Personal spaces…

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An inspirational workspace is a must!…Whether that inspiration comes from a bunch of flowers positioned on the work surface, a ribbon board displaying favourite pic’s or an office chair upholstered in a brilliant fabric, investing within these areas never goes to waste. I am having a new desk manufactured at the moment and I am […]

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Inspiration for a Tuesday morning…

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Wall of art…

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Lately I am being inspired by the fabulous artist ‘Nathalie Lete’. I first came in contact with her colourful designs when in New York shopping at my favourite store,  ‘Anthropologie’ which stock many of Nathalie’s masterful creations… I find her brand whimsical and romantic… This is definitely a designer worth keeping an eye on! Have […]

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Re-position & Re-style your furniture…

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We are preparing for another move. This will be our 4th home in 5 years! While there are plenty of negatives you can focus on, when having to relocate this much, I choose to focus on all the positives. Our cupboards are cleaned out regularly, I very rarely have the problem of finding unidentified food […]

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A little bit of sunshine!

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What an awesome week we have had as a family!…We had a conference on in Sydney and were able to take our beautiful children to be apart of this time of learning and rejoicing. Attitude is a powerful thing. It can determine your outlook for the entire day. We have a choice, from that very […]

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