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Start your Monday with a little visual inspiration!!

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The weekend is here!

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Nothing cheers up a grey Melbourne day more than a row of bunting!…Have a blessed weekend with your family and friends and go on, get out that bunting that is neatly placed in the draw and hang it over the dining table…you’ll bring joy to all who enter the room! Bronnie

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A solid foundation…

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Ahh the hunt to find that one house that brings both you and your family’s styles and loves together…a place to call home!…What does this look like to you? We have the ‘Life style’ channel’s and I am totally addicted to ‘relocation relocation’, ‘Location location’, ‘Grand Design’s’ and any other show that discusses, articulates or […]

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Eclectic Interiors…

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I stumbled across this gorgeous ‘eclectic interior’ today and started to dream of what could become of this space…and am still dreaming! The exposed beams, natural timber floors and the overall beautiful structure of this room would make a perfect studio, open plan living area, kitchen/dining area…Oh the imagination has kicked in and I am […]

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Hobart in a day!…

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Hobart is an old city, full of wonderful sights. We started the day at ‘Battery Point’, a historic village with so much charm the houses were almost eatable! From here we headed back to ‘Murray Street’ to start the day at a cute little shop called ‘love & clutter’.  I always marvel at those brave […]

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Good Morning Launceston!

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Yesterday we woke up in Launceston and started our day with an early walk around the ‘Tamar River’ and up to this amazing, tranquil setting, just minutes from the lights of the city. From here we drove into the heart of the city for breakfast at a quaint ‘French Patisserie’. What an adventure!…I find that […]

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All packed and ready for an adventure…

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Photo thanks I am about to embark on an adventure. With bags packed and my good friend by my side, we are about to board a flight to Launceston. We will collect a car from the airport and head to our hotel for the night. Tomorrow we will explore Launceston before making the two […]

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Planning your new work space…

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Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Whether setting up a work area, within the family home or a purpose built Studio area, creative storage solutions should be one of the first items on the table for discussion when you commence the planning for your new work space. Having good storage will not […]

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A space to call your own…

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Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Creating a space to put your name on is not always a straight forward process. There are many elements to consider when designing a work area. What sort of storage do you require? How do you like to work?…Do you need a big open space to […]

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