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…what inspires you?

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(pic #1 see, pic #2 see, pic #3&4 from Elle Decoration Mag) Inspiration is unique to the beholder… I can be inspired by a single rose, a collaboration of items put together in a harmonious way, a collection of books worked into a bookcase or a cluster of bottles housing mismatched flowers…But, What […]

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Family picnic!…

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What an amazing day we have had here in Melbourne!…The sun was out and we were up early to cook up a storm to take to the park. With fresh eggs sandwiches, cake, biscuits and fruit, we filled our basket and made our way to ‘Fitzroy Gardens’…’The simple things in life really are the best’. […]

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Happy Easter one & all…

Posted on 04/22/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

…what does Easter mean to you?…Is it all about the eggs?…or maybe it’s just a time to rest with the family?…For me and my family it’s about both of these, but more importantly it’s about the death and resurrection of my Heavenly Father. Because of Jesus death, at the cross, we no longer have to […]

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I have a confession…

Posted on 04/21/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

…I have always wanted a ‘Velvet’ sofa!…Every time I see a picture of a velvet sofa in a magazine or movie I get all excited. I am thinking mustard…or maybe aubergine…or maybe navy!…Ok, so I think you can see what my dilemma has been…what colour?? I have recently completed an installation of 10 Aubergine velvet […]

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…the Moroccan flavour.

Posted on 04/20/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

image via ‘Vogue Living Australia’ & Scott Western Architecture*Design These three ‘Moroccan’ inspired interiors are delightful. I love the way interior design comes down to your own interpretation. The first photo ‘simplicity of colour’ has subtle references to the ‘Moroccan’ style, while maintaining a peaceful colour palette. The second image ‘burst of colour’ teams the […]

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…the kitchen table!

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…ahhh just how a dining table should look! I have had the privilege of working from my home Studio, the last couple of days, as Hubby is touring Samoa with a team of Rugby boys and the kids are on School Holidays. We have laughed and shared some beautiful times…and our kitchen table has been […]

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Kitchen’s that impress…

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The Kitchen is the backdrop to where we play out our daily routines. Over and above being functional and hygienic, the kitchen needs to be a space that inspires from breakfast, through to your evening gatherings. Fresh flowers are a must, along with fruit and if possible a touch of home made delight. The Kitchen’s […]

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A love for ‘Vintage’ design…

Posted on 04/08/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

From:   House Design Decorations Designed by: Bill Barr The ‘Vintage’ flavor is unquestionably my desired taste…Why? Because I love the way it connects times and place’s. It is a layering process that stirs up memories of times shared and places visited. The ‘Workspaces’ featured above are completely different, yet at the same time…totally the same. […]

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‘Cath Kidston’ table talk…

Posted on 04/07/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

…’Cath Kidston’ has a beautiful way of blending the ‘yesteryear’ with the contempory and making it relevant. A ‘Cath Kidston’ table cloth could just as easily work in a 19th century home, located in the magnificent Cotswold’s, as it would in a contempory ‘Sun burnt’ Australian setting. With school holidays almost on our doorstep it […]

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‘bronnie masefau’ fabric..Out Now!!

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Good morning…it’s a very exciting day!!…The ‘bronnie masefau‘ fabric is now available by the meter. The fabric is a Linen/cotton blend and a standard width of 137cm. We have a range of household items being manufactured, and these will be available at the ‘Magnolia Square Markets’ in Malvern, scheduled for the end of April. The […]

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Harmony in numbers…

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Anthropologie never disappoints!…I am in Brisbane this week for work and I have just sat down for a quick coffee before I head off to more meetings. Sitting at my favourite Brisbane cafe ‘Aromas’ Cafe, in the old Hoyts cinemas (Queen Street Mall) surfing the net for a little inspiration and of course I find […]

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The big day is here…

Posted on 04/02/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

What a fabulous day we had at the ‘Interior Design Workshop’!!…Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who invested their time and energy into developing their vision for their homes. What an absolute privilege it is to share design tips with ladies who are so ready to receive. We transformed empty bedrooms into ‘purposeful’ spaces, […]

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