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…only one more sleep!

Posted on 03/31/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

The ‘Interior Design workshops‘ commence tomorrow and I know we are going to have a fabulous time. The warehouse looks amazing and we have it all to ourselves!…There is Antique French furniture and Industrial Vintage wares to tempt us at every turn. The day kicks off at 10am with Tea and Coffee all round. For […]

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Knowledge is the key…

Posted on 03/30/11 in homelife, No Comments

Yesterday we started the conversation on paint, and the effect different lighting will have on the finished colour. I ended our conversation by throwing the word ‘toning’ into the mix!..When you ‘Tone’ your paint it means, you add ‘Gray’ to the base colour. This will deepen the paint colour adding strength. Continuing on from our […]

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Paint colour…natural/artificial lighting…

Posted on 03/29/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

Lighting plays such a big role in how the wall colour sits in a room. I love how in this photo the wall colour goes from cool to a beautiful warm glow, when immersed in the warm light…yum. This concept is true for each area of your home. Where the rooms are filled with sunlight […]

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Home sweet home…

Posted on 03/28/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

…Between School fetes, Birthday parties and the general hustle and bustle of life, what defines home for you?…To me it is a space with comfy chairs, photos of loved ones, fresh flowers on the dinning table, books (that we have lovingly carried from home to home), but most importantly home is all about being together […]

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What to expect at the workshops…

Posted on 03/24/11 in homelife, No Comments

To me the thought of ‘Designing my own space’ is one that I address with great joy and excitement, however I have come to realise that this is not the case for many. The vision for the up-coming ‘Interiors Design workshops‘ in Melbourne came from this very thought…”what if I could assist others in planning […]

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Window Shopping!

Posted on 03/18/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

When the studio is full on and my work is mounting up, I love nothing more than to take off for an afternoon of inspiration. I pack up my Mac and take myself down to High street, for a coffee at ‘Spoonful’ before a stroll along High Street for some much needed window-shopping! I find […]

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Monday morning!

Posted on 03/07/11 in homelife, No Comments

…after a big weekend I was almost looking forward to Monday!…That’s right, there are no Monday morning blues on my side of Town. With the markets behind us we are full swing into preparations for the up-coming ‘workshops’. Samples are pouring in from suppliers of everything from lighting, to paints…through to fabrics! Have a great […]

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Enter the colder months with style…

Posted on 03/06/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

As the colder months approach I am on the look-out for fabulous fashion accessories that I can team with my favourites. Look no further!…’okt-ober dee‘ by Lauren Ferry showcases a delightful array of scarf’s, ties, bags and wallets, that will take any average wardrobe to a place of WOW!…’okt-ober dee’ is just one of the […]

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…another big line up!

Posted on 03/04/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

The line up of goodies for sale, down here at St Kilda Town Hall ‘Magnolia Square Markets’ is huge!…The ‘Town hall’ is of grand proportions, making the setting up of our store a pure delight. We are positioned down by the cafe next to ‘Down to the woods‘, a fabulous store selling a collection of […]

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…it’s market day at St Kilda Town Hall!

Posted on 03/02/11 in homelife, 2 Comments

Tomorrow we are setting up at ‘Magnolia Square Markets’…and this time it’s in Melbourne! The ‘St Kilda Town Hall’ will be buzzing from 5pm tomorrow until 10pm, so make the most of the late night shopping experience. We will be showcasing a sample of our NEW fabric for the ‘bronnie masefau’ brand…how exciting!! The show […]

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