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Thinking of home…

Posted on 02/27/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

…we are on our home stretch, with only an hour to go at the Mag Square markets!…I sat down to send a couple more posts of other store holders when I stumbled across this pic of my little girl and my thoughts turned to home. This is a photo Nate took of kayziah a few […]

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Creative people…

Posted on 02/26/11 in homelife, No Comments

…second day in and the ‘Magnolia Square Markets’ are going well. It is 12noon and I have already had a days worth of coffee’s!…Jo Neville from ‘Paper Couture’ is such a talented artist. We have been eagerly watching her, over the last two days, as she layers the final touches to her fabulous installation…look out […]

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…open for business!!

Posted on 02/25/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

After nine hours of driving, carting goodies up two flights of stairs and one restless night, we are finally open for business! The store is looking fabulous and the store holders have been such a delight. ‘Magnolia Square Markets’ are on in Sydney, at the Paddington Town Hall, until Sunday afternoon and there are so […]

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Sydney here we come!!

Posted on 02/23/11 in homelife, No Comments

A couple ‘last minute pick-up’s’ to go and then we are all set to leave Melbourne tomorrow morning at 5am!…Sydney look out, is all I can say! We have books, cushions purchased in Paris, fabulous stools, made from a collection of old furniture pieces, oil paintings and enamelware…and much, much more. Emily, Deborah and I […]

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Roses are a girls best friend!…

Posted on 02/21/11 in homelife, 2 Comments

Freshly cut roses, purchased from the markets on a Sunday morning, fill our home with joy!…Recently while on a trip to Brisbane my delightful 8 year old daughter, Kayziah, called to ask where the “special flower scissors where” because it had been two days since the ends had been cut!…oh how proud I was….hehe. Having […]

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Quince…hand printed textiles.

Posted on 02/19/11 in homelife, No Comments

Don’t you just love learning about fabulous new shopping experiences through ‘word of mouth’!…Yesterday, while roaming the streets of Melbourne I finally found ‘Quince’. A friend had told me about this little treasure trove of hand printed textiles, however today I found it!…Michelle is the creative behind this store and it was a delight to […]

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Grab your copy of AVL & ‘ideas book’ today!!

Posted on 02/16/11 in homelife, No Comments

‘Australian Vintage Living’ & ‘ideas book’ are now in store at ‘Folio Books‘!!…’Folio Books’ is a fabulous bookstore in Brisbane, housing all styles of books. Their range is awesome and so divers. Thanks you to the team at Folio for their constant support…Be sure to check out their website! Be inspired! Bronnie

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…a busy day in the studio.

Posted on 02/15/11 in homelife, 2 Comments

Preparations for the up-coming events are on the way!…The above pic’s are of Emily’s desk…yes, I assure you there is a desk somewhere under that pile of bags!…Others may get their bags printed, but not us we are stamping all 1000 of them ourselves…it seemed like a great ‘design’ idea at the time!…Have a fabulous […]

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Check out ‘Magnolia Square Markets’…

Posted on 02/14/11 in homelife, No Comments

Magnolia Square markets are being held in Sydney 25th through to Sunday 27th of February and we are soo excited to be involved!…Check out their fabulous blogsite they are giving away an ‘ideas book’!…register to be in the running. Thank you to the team at Magnolia Square for their support, we too can’t wait […]

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Workshops commence 1st & 2nd April!

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a day in the studio…

Posted on 02/09/11 in homelife, 5 Comments

It is on days like these that I feel so blessed to be able to have my studio at home. The sun is beaming, a banana loaf is in the oven, I am potting away in my small Victorian garden, and all while returning emails, liaising with clients and preparing for up-coming events…ahhh don’t you […]

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The world of colour!

Posted on 02/07/11 in homelife, No Comments

COLOUR!…I can’t get enough of it at the moment. Not just block colours but unusual combinations of colour. I am loving Mustard!..whether it’s in clothing, cushioning, upholstery, handbags or artworks, it brings a smile to my face. We are working on our new fabric range at the moment, so colour is on my brain! The […]

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