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Warwick Castle, Stratford-on-Avon, Cotswolds & Oxford…

Posted on 01/31/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

Next time you are in London I highly recommend a bus tour of the English country side. We were picked up from our Hotel at 7.45am and we had the most amazing travel back in time. As we were chauffeur driven through the picturesque landscape surrounding Warwick Castle, Stratford-on-Avon, The Cotswolds and Oxford, our delightful […]

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We’re on the move…

Posted on 01/28/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

There were snow flakes today!…ok so they were very small..but none the less Snow Flakes! While at the ‘Maison & Object’ show in Paris, Mum got talking with Denise, who had just come from London and recommended we stay in West End…what a great recommendation! We are a stones throw from Oxford and Regent Streets […]

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Shop fronts in Paris…

Posted on 01/25/11 in homelife, No Comments

Our time in Paris is coming to an end and it is off to London this afternoon. One thing I enjoy doing, when in foreign countries, is photographing the different shop fronts. These shop fronts are within walking distance front the beautiful hotel we have been staying in ‘Le Relais Montmartre’ on 6, Vue Constance. […]

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Show stoppers…from ‘Maison&Objet’ Paris!

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Roaming in Paris…

Posted on 01/23/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

We started out in the dark this morning.We walked the streets and found a delightful cafe, where we started our day with croissants and espressos. It was very cold, considerable colder than the previous couple of days, or anything I have felt before. Wondering down a side street we stumble across this delightful Vintage store…what […]

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Let the show begin!

Posted on 01/22/11 in homelife, 3 Comments

What an exciting day!…Mum and I were up and out this morning. We left the hotel at 7am, in the dark, to find a cafe. ‘La Mascotte’ was buzzing with atmosphere, as the morning commuters came in for their espresso’s. Then it was off to the train to make our way to the ‘Maison & […]

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The lights of Paris…

Posted on 01/21/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

Three planes, a train trip and a taxi fare, and we have finally arrived at our destination…PARIS! It is 4 degree’s and the streets are…quiet. Mum and I are having a wonderful time. We started the day with breakfast at ‘Cafe Des 2 Moulins’,the famous cafe you can see on the movie ‘Amelie’. From here […]

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The simple things in life…

Posted on 01/15/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

With Hubby and I back at work, our beautiful children have just been relaxing at home, enjoying the simple things in life. We have been going on walks as a family at night and playing lots of monopoly! The other night Kayziah went for a walk, with Auntie Leata, and came home soo excited about […]

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…we’re singing in the rain!

Posted on 01/14/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

WOW how is this weather!…it is definitely ‘back to bed’ weather. I would love to just curl up with a good book and a cuppa. Being back at work I have really noticed that the mood everywhere seams a little down, as we all focus our attention on the flooding in Brisbane. My immediate family […]

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…summer holiday!

Posted on 01/13/11 in homelife, No Comments

I am back onsite today…and a little inspiration was needed! I have a couple of clients taking late holidays this year, so I am on my way to set up some ‘Summer Holiday’ cheer. The deck chairs will be prepped and the lanterns laid out, ready for my clients to just turn up, kick off […]

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…a peaceful setting!

Posted on 01/12/11 in homelife, 4 Comments

As I prepare for the day ahead, all I can think about is our family and friends in Brisbane. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. I know that the next couple of days are expected to be when the waters peak, however I am believing that the waters will remain within their […]

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Colours from around the world…

Posted on 01/11/11 in homelife, 1 Comment

I am always so excited as to where my new projects will take me. Last year I spent much of the year in India, Tuscany and the Australian outback….The fusion of colours, between these countries is awesome! India with its multi-coloured woven objects and heavily carved timbers. Tuscany, offers a base of earthy tones and […]

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